Bi-weekly (mortgage) Loan

Definition of "Bi-weekly (mortgage) loan"

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Fixed interest rate loan in which the payments are made every two weeks, but the payment is one half the amount of a regular monthly fixed-rate mortgage with the same amortization schedule. It is a bi-weekly accelerated mortgage reduction payment plan which enables a borrower to payoff his or her current 30-year mortgage in approximately 20 years. These payment plans provide a sizable build-up of equity, saving the borrower a significant amount of interest. These plans do not change existing mortgages. The borrower is not reapplying or refinancing anything, so there are no points, no need for costly appraisals, and no credit restrictions. Rather than making one monthly payment, he or she makes a half payment each 14 days. This results in 26 half payments yearly, or an extra monthly payment each year.

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