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You’ve been invited to a housewarming party (or just invited to meet a friend’s new house) and you don’t know what to bring… well, that's why our real estate questions section exist: we cover all the way from "How to take pictures to sell your house" to housewarmings!

Ok. First, we recommend you taking a look at our list of traditional housewarming gifts to draw some inspiration from it but we must make it clear that when someone asks what to bring to a housewarming, they need to bring more than just presents. See, moving to a new home comes with so many changes, that, sometimes, it’s hard to settle in; regardless if the move was planned or unexpected, it can feel weird for the homeowner at first. And, in a way, housewarming is all about making the property feel more like a home. It’s in the name, right? “Housewarming” is all about making the home more warm, homey, alive; and there’s nothing better than bringing your friends around to accomplish this mission.

So, although the presents are a nice gesture, the first thing you need to get when thinking about what to bring to a housewarming is your best mood. If you’re very tired and stressed because of work, if you’re too sad and depressed about something,it’s better to stay at home and wait for you to feel better to go meet the place. Everyone will understand and appreciate it, and even you will feel better about not sucking everyone’s energy with the lack of yours. Show the homeowner you are happy to be there and happy for him.


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Another important thing to bring – not only to housewarming parties but anywhere – is your best manners. Discover something you liked about the new house and make a compliment about it. If you hated something about the house, only disclose it if the homeowner asked you about it. And, even then, try not being rude about it. Highlighting it is only your opinion and try to point something nice out about it, despite the fact that you hated it. The poor guy has probably spent a lot of time moving and decorating the new home for you to come and say bad things about it. He’s too attached to it, so go easy on him even if you feel it’s in his best interest to hear an honest critique.

Lastly, try bringing something that will get the party up and running. Not alcohol! (Though it might do this work of getting the party started just fine) We mean things that will integrate people, like party games, for instance; or even stories and pictures of your friend and the old house, if you have it (just don’t make the whole thing about you so much; remember the homeowner and the new house are the stars of the party). Here’s why this is one important thing to have in mind when thinking about what to bring to a housewarming: the homeowner might invite people that don’t know each other so much – and worse; the person who doesn’t know anyone might be you! – so it’s good to have something that will relieve the host (thehomeowner) of these integration duties. Just make sure to run the idea by the host before you make everyone play it. Don’t be inconvenient; although it’s a good idea you have at heart, the host might have organized himself to provide another source of entertainment and not care so much about whatever it is that you’re proposing. Music, for instance, plays an instrumental part – no pun intended - in a party’s success, and sometimes the host had too much on his mind and forgot to take care of that department. If you have an iPod or something, it might be a great idea to volunteer to DJ but please run by the host what type of music HE would like to listen to. Otherwise, you’ll be forever remembered as the guy who puts on music he hates.

So, summing up the answer to the question of what to bring to a housewarming party: housewarming gifts, the right attitude (emotionally and socially) and things that can integrate the people in the party and make the whole thing more fun for everybody and make the homeowner unquestionably feel at home.


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