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The city of Alexandria, VA, is one of the most attractive cities if we take its history into account. However, there is so much more to do in Alexandria than history. Newcomers or visitors do not lack interesting and exciting options to spend their free time in the city.

It doesn’t matter if you're a new resident of this beautiful city, if you're simply visiting for the weekend, coming from Washington D.C. or any other area, or maybe you’re considering relocating to this rich historical city. Whichever your reason might be, chances are you won’t have enough time on your hands to see everything that’s worth visiting in Alexandria, VA. If that might motivate you further to relocate to this city, consider contacting the local real estate agents in Alexandria VA, for an extended stay as the quality of life is above average expectations. Regardless, you’re in for an unforgettable experience on the cobblestone streets of Alexandria, VA.

Things to do in Alexandria, VA

As a nationally designated historic district, one of the most appealing attractions in the city of Alexandria, Virginia, is Old Town Alexandria. With over 200 restaurants out of which many are locally-owned or family-run and plenty of interesting little boutiques situated in close proximity to historical museums and the Potomac River waterfront, Old Town Alexandria will undoubtedly keep you busy.

Another main focus of tourism in Old Town Alexandria is King Street that is recognized as one of the greatest streets in all of America and is one of the things that Alexandria, VA, is most famous for.  The century-old architecture, cobblestone alleys, brick-lined streets, and the night-time twinkling lights infuse any casual stroll with the flavor of the city’s history. 

You can also take a sightseeing cruise to be mesmerized by the city’s past, as the Potomac River will give you the opportunity to see Alexandria, Arlington, and Washington D.C. all in one go. You can also use a water taxi to go all the way to Mount Vernon, another important Alexandria attraction, as it used to be George Washington’s home. You might have heard of him.

Moving beyond History

The Former Torpedo Factory houses an art center where you can see art in action. Around 83 artists create their craft there, and you can see them in action and also the seven galleries organized within the building.

The Skinniest Historical House in America is something else that shouldn’t be missed. The story goes that John Hollensbury built the house in order to stop people from loitering in the alley that passed by it. That’s where the name Spite House comes from. And it is literally the smallest house in America.

Try some of the local award-winning craft beers and ciders from Port City Brewing Company. Taste some creative comfort food from Myron Mixon’s culinary oasis, and just enjoy every aspect of this city because there is plenty offered to anyone interested. So book a stay and browse the


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city’s streets. It’s not even necessary to consult google maps for the best restaurants. Chances are that you’ll walk by, either see a line outside or be bewitched by the fantastic aromas coming from within. Just follow your scent, and chances are you’ll be in good hands.

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