Is Wilmington NC A Good Place To Raise A Family?

Definition of "Is Wilmington NC a good place to raise a family?"

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Wilmington North Carolina has become one of the most desired relocation destinations for families. You can find “Wilmywood” in the coastal southeastern part of the state. It is New Hanover County’s county seat. Plus, it’s the headquarters of the Wilmington Metropolitan Statistical Area. Therefore, you can already form a picture of the countless economic and cultural advantages the city can deliver for you and your family. 

However, these come at a price. Let’s find out what you should expect from this amazing city!

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What’s the secret behind Wilmington’s population growth?

Since the 1820s, “The PortCity’s“ population has consistently risen. In 2023, it has grown to about 120,000 souls, and according to predictions, it will have reached 130,000 by 2029! 


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Wilmington’s economy is rolling!

There’s no magic involved in these incredible numbers! Wilmington has always featured an organically developing economy, providing plenty of opportunities for the young and the more established job seekers. 

Once you look at Wilmington’s fantastic economic statistics, you’ll realize you can’t choose a better alternative! Wilmington’s unemployment rate (4.3 percent) is lower than the national average. In addition, Wilmington’s job market will expand considerably. As a result, it will effortlessly exceed the American predicted standard in the next decade. 

Moreover, Wilmington’s cost of living is also more affordable than the US average by about 3.5 percent! 

Why do families choose Wilmington North Carolina?

Besides the economic perks, Wilmington offers all the pro-family circumstances parents can dream of. First, Wilmington’s reliable and nationally acclaimed education system provides children, young adults, and college and university students with excellent training for life and employment. Wilmington schools obtained an outstanding average ranking of 8/10, making it into the top thirty percent of the state public schools.

You can find top-notch elementary schools (Walter L Parsley Elementary and Wrightsville Beach Elementary), middle schools (M C S Noble Middle), and high schools (Isaac M Bear High and John T Hoggard High.) All of them belong to the New Hanover County School District. 

School graduates can continue higher education or learn new skills at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, Cape Fear Community College, or Miller-Motte Technical College.

Wilmington delivers fantastic family-friendly recreational opportunities.

The city is dedicated 100 percent to providing family-friendly outdoor and indoor programs. As a result, there’s no shortage of unique nature spots and trending places in the city covering colorful cultural and artistic events and mind-blowing festivals all year. 

For instance, Wrightsville Beach and Airlie Gardens are nature lovers’ top destinations. The North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher also offers exquisite family-friendly entertainment without breaking the bank. It’s virtually impossible to list all the must-see places in Wilmington. It would be best to come and visit Wilmington and explore them all with your family!

What are the disadvantages of living in Wilmington North Carolina for a family?

Off the bat, the real estate market in Wilmington can be pricey. The median home selling price was about $390,000 as of April 2023. The city’s housing market is very competitive, resulting in a higher demand for homes than supply. 

Unfortunately, Wilmington’s crime statistics leave not a lot to be desired. The local crime rates are about 25 percent higher than the North Carolina average. Still, you’ll find safe neighborhoods in Wilmington, like Dolphin Bay, Kirkland, or Sentry Oaks.


Though Wilmington is on the path to becoming a vibrant metropolis, it has always remembered its foundations, namely family values. For this reason, “The Port City’ strives to provide the ideal circumstances for families. For starters, the economic aspects are present for families to thrive. Secondly, schools are above the national average. Thirdly, Wilmington offers an abundance of natural beauty and exceptional family-friendly activities. 

Overall, new and old residents have confirmed that Wilmington is a good place to live, as it obtained a satisfactory 65/100 percent livability score.

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