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In the middle of South Carolina’s ocean shore is where you’ll find the city of Charleston. With a population of over 138,000 friendly residents, this city has been voted over and over again as the No. 1 city of the US by the readers of Travel & Leisure for several years. People who live here enjoy a good quality of life and one of the most beautifully preserved historic architectures in the country. Time also seems to flow at another speed here so it might be seen as a good change of pace for all those who want to leave the hectic big city life behind, while still enjoying the amenities of a big city.

The friendliest city in the US

Both locals and tourists wind up falling in love with this city because the locals are incredibly friendly and welcoming amongst themselves as well as with strangers. Charleston is the first and largest city in South Carolina and it’s safe to say that they studied hospitality, wrote the book about it then continued to teach it to anyone and everyone. They have taken hospitality to perfection and it’s visible whether you go to the grocery store or to the corner bar. It is very common for people to wave to each other on the street even if they are not acquainted yet.

The lovely weather

When you move to Charleston, South Carolina one of the first things you may notice is the weather. The impact will be positive as many think that the city has a perfect year-round climate. In the winters the temperature rarely goes below 50°F and if the summer temperatures seem too high for you then you have plenty of oceanfronts, riverfront, and pools to cool off in no time. If you’re seeking a waterfront property in the city, real estate agents in Charleston SC can help you out.

Plan your future

The educational system in Charleston, South Carolina both for public and private schools, the safe environment, the relatively affordable cost of living as well as the thriving economy are the perfect ingredients for security and stability in your life. In Charleston, SC you can plan for the future, for your children, for your parents or your own retirement. A city that offers stability and allows you to plan for what will be the next stage of your life is a city that takes care of its residents.


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