Definition of "Demised premises"

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In order to define the term demised premises one must understand what demise means. Because demised premises is a very common use for the term demise. Explaining the term demised premises can be complicated because it has to do with the property itself. What it means, however, is simple and can be defined as leasing a property through a deed or contract to someone else.

A demised premise can be a whole house if the owner rents the entire building to one person, in which case the address for the renter would be, for instance: 11 Ashton Lane, Pennyville, Missouri 75599. However, if the owner rents the home to several renters in a house or if a room is rented to roommates to minimize housing costs, then the situation can get more complicated, for instance, in the demised premise contract it will be stipulated that the address is ap. 4, 11 Ashton Lane, Pennyville, Missouri 75599 as well as what other areas in the house that particular tenant is allowed to use, i.e. common bathroom, kitchen, living room. And if the renter is found in other areas of the house that are not specified, they can be charged for trespassing, i.e. other rented rooms, the attic (if not mentioned) etc.

The most complicated situation, however, is when the owner rents a demised premise and in the contract, it is specified that the renter has access to the fridge and the sink in the kitchen, the shower and the toilet from the downstairs bathroom, the living room sofa, but not the armchair, the radio, or the TV. There are situations when this can happen so it is good to know what a demised premise contract can specify so that whenever you deal with one you pay attention to the fine print. 


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