Definition of "Demise"

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(1) Transfer of an estate by bequest, or contract for a stated time period or life. (2) Making of a charter or lease for a specified time period.

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Comments for Demise

Lauren Lauren said:

What does demise mean?

Feb 23, 2020  08:12:10

Real Estate Agent

Hello, Lauren! Demise refers to the act of transferring legal rights, custody, attributes or other related aspects from one party to another or from one person to another. In real estate, demise can also mean a conveyance of property. The transfer of property for lifetime or for a determined amount of time. The term is loosely used to describe any conveyance. Demise is sometimes used synonymously with a lease, by which one conveys property, land or services to another for a determined amount of time. Also, having a short term lease or a long term lease is debatable and we have an article that highlights the pros and cons of short term leases.

Apr 08, 2020  12:23:17


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