Definition of "Double framing"

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A Construction method of using twice the number of framing members to provide additional structural strength.


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Comments for Double Framing

Ann Patellaro Ann Patellaro said:

What is Framing, regarding real estate sales?

Feb 25, 2020  14:03:29

Real Estate Agent

Hello, Ann! Thank you for your question! While the term framing explained in the glossary term refers to the structural integrity of a building, framing in terms of sales takes a different direction. The framing effect is a cognitive process through which people make decisions based on various factors that are not always rational or objective. Framing in any sale, not only real estate, is someone’s ability to shape the meaning of a situation, to tell a story, to remove barriers between the seller and the prospect in order to close the transaction. We have an article related to real estate sales that provides few tips to ensure your sale goes through. You might want to check it out.

Apr 08, 2020  10:22:15
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