Is Harrisonburg Virginia A Good Place To Live?

Definition of "Is Harrisonburg Virginia a good place to live?"

Harrisonburg, this autonomous city surrounded by Rockingham County, offers a tiny city’s ‘Americana’ charms and vibes with countless cosmopolitan perks. Let’s investigate what the significant advantages of living in Harrisonburg are!

‘Breaking into’ the Harrisonburg housing market is difficult.

Suppose you’re interested in relocating to this dynamically developing region. Moving to Harrisonburg presupposes finding a reasonably priced home in the city. Then, the next logical step is giving a shout-out to skilled local real estate agents in Harrisonburg VA

Nevertheless, this is where one of the current disadvantages emerges, and house-hunters have to be prepared. The phenomenon called lack of cost-effective housing inventory characterizes the Harrisonburg local real estate market. It appeared in 2021, and the problem also seems to persist in 2022. 

As of June 2022, the median home selling price was about $300,000, defining an increase of 27.5 percent since last year. Unfortunately, buyers don’t have many options to choose from. For this reason, sellers tend to drive property prices up in a highly competitive market, making things worse.

Encounter promising economic prospects in the city!

The real estate market wouldn’t be so competitively priced if the local economy in Harrisonburg had not experienced genuine success. Though our charming city is independent, many consider it one of Virginia’s most promising regions.

Unemployment rate and future job growth

Harrisonburg achieved great numbers according to the most significant economic indicator, namely the unemployment rate. With a 5.2 percent rate, the town has outshined the national average of six percent, an awe-inspiring achievement. In addition, short-term and future economic development is predicted to bring more opportunities for job-seekers. Moreover, Harrisonburg will surpass the national average for future job increases as well. 

Did you know that the cost of living in Harrisonburg is more affordable than the US average by about 10 percent and the Virginia median by six percent?  

How are the wages in Harrisonburg?

The only moderate downside is that the annual average base salary in Harrisonburg of about $57,700 somewhat lags behind the US average of $59,500 in 2022, according to SalaryExpert.

The town offers the ultimate recreation.

Seeing Harrisonburg is love at first sight. Though smaller than the Virginia big guns (Virginia Beach and Richmond), you’ll find plenty of must-see places and recreation opportunities in and around Rocktown to have the time of your life! The city showcases some of Virginia’s most breathtaking natural beauties, notably the Shenandoah National Park in Shenandoah Valley. 

What are the cons of living in Harrisonburg, Virginia?

Currently, the city faces relatively sprawling economic progress that has created new challenges. Since many newcomers arrived in town, they are liable to point out a limited shopping experience with lacking high-end groceries. For this reason, locals choose to go to Charlottesville and the more metropolitan Richmond as a viable alternative.

Secondly, traffic can be a major bummer since the transportation system and infrastructure can’t keep up with this fast economic pace. Yet, traffic jams aren’t as severe as in some parts of Northern Virginia. New roads and extra lanes are being inaugurated regularly to mend this situation.


As you noticed, the advantages of living in Harrisonburg clearly outweigh the negative aspects. Otherwise, the population would decrease dramatically instead of showing a growing tendency yearly.

Before moving to Harrisonburg, Virginia, all you have to know is that its livability score is exceptionally high. You’ll have plenty of remarkable job opportunities to choose from, thus advancing your career in the right direction. At the same time, you’ll enjoy a generally low cost of living. Besides, you can spend your free time actively in the numerous parks and nationally acclaimed recreational facilities! And don’t worry about the housing issues, either, because expert local realtors in Harrisonburg will devise a solution on a budget!

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