Is It Better To Be A Listing Agent Or Buyer Agent?

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Contrary to widespread public perception, succeeding as a real estate agent is challenging. You might get lost along the way if you don’t continuously strive to become better. Suppose you’re at the beginning of your career. Then, you might find yourself at crossroads, choosing between various possible real estate agent paths. This piece intends to show the fundamental differences between a listing agent vs selling agent. We will get into the details of what is a listing agent, and dig into what’s a buyer’s agent as well. Let’s discover the most suitable realtor’s way for you!

What does a real estate agent’s adventurous path involve?

If you have just started pursuing this career, you must know the pros and cons of being a real estate agent. You might be okay with whether you should be a listing agent or a buyer (also known as selling) agent.

However, in every scenario, we advise emphasizing content as the top strategy for realtors’ success. Also, real estate networking, laying the foundations of your brand, and getting the first leads creatively will go a long way! By all means, outlining a real estate marketing strategy for 2023 is also vital!

Which one is the better fit for you, the selling agent vs listing agent?

Going both ways makes for good practice. Yet, eventually, you will want to know if it is better to be a listing agent vs selling agent. What is a listing agent dealing with on a daily basis? What responsibilities does a selling agent have? Will a buyer agent’s career be the most befitting for you?

The truth is that there is no absolutely correct answer to this question, and it is very dependent on what you want to achieve as a selling agent vs listing agent. However, the differences between a buyer’s and a seller’s agent might make you want to consider one over the other.

The distinction between various types of housing agents isn’t always clear-cut.

Knowing that a seller agent can often be associated with the buyer’s agent is also essential. Why? The two terms are very often interchangeable. That’s because once the home buyer decides to purchase one of the homes presented by the buyer’s agent, a real estate contract is signed, and the agent is designated as the selling agent. For this reason, the distinction is made clear because we are talking about listing agents vs. buyers agents.

Essential aspects to consider before becoming a buyer’s agent

The buyer’s agent is a licensed and skilled intermediary between a property’s seller and the home buyer. According to the real estate code of ethics, they must assume professional conduct and represent their client’s (sometimes more than one) best interests. As such, they must refrain from dual agency or representation.

What are the buyer’s agent's exact responsibilities?

A buyer’s realtor is legally obliged to fulfill their duties, as in finding homes for the house hunters or rent-seeking individuals to inspect. In addition, they must submit offers to listing agents. Last but not least, a buyer’s agent must negotiate the most favorable purchasing price. The most expert agents can even supply sellers and buyers with tips to reduce closing costs. Unlike the buyer’s agent, listing agents represent the seller’s interests.

What is a buyer’s agent, after all? A buyer’s agent helps clients find properties, and they use the multiple listing service (MLS) to do so. The buyer’s agent can get in touch with the listing agent to set up showings and open houses. Furthermore, they help clients create offers and present them to the listing agent. They also guide their client(s) through closing if the offer is accepted.

Seller’s Agents in the Limelight

Immediately after a seller’s agent undertakes a property sale, they will take care of every aspect. They will launch carefully devised offline and online marketing campaigns, for instance, on the best social media platforms for realtors.

Suppose you believe the art of uploading online ads and property descriptions is effortless. In that case, you might be in for a surprise. Also, beware that marketing strategies for buyers and listing agents differ! A selling agent vs listing agent needs to deploy a different game plan and play it out rigorously.

Before and after closing day, dealing with paperwork can be overwhelming. So, why would anyone expose themselves to the hassle and risks of selling their property without a selling agent? Agents will assist with mortgage applications (for the new home), disclosure statements, sales and purchase agreements, property inspection reports, and, finally, the title paperwork.

What is a listing agent?

Many people need clarification on the two terms of listing agent vs selling agent. But what is a listing agent exactly? A listing agent, sometimes called the seller’s agent, is a real estate agent who works on behalf of the house seller in a property deal. 


What are the listing agent’s main priorities?

A listing agent’s job is to support clients through every step of the home-selling process. For instance, the listing agent assists in setting the home’s price (based on real estate comps) and staging the interior and exterior. Listing agents are experts in tips and tricks on boosting a home’s market value before the sale.

Did you know that virtual staging has prevailed over a home’s more traditional styling and furnishing? Plus, let’s not forget that listing agents promote the house, accept or reject bids in the seller’s favor, and much more.

In short, the difference between a listing agent vs selling agent is that a listing agent represents a home seller. They will guide clients through marketing their property, negotiations, and reviewing submitted offers.

Diving deep into the advantages and disadvantages of being a selling agent vs listing agent

While finding a real estate agent might not be hard, being a good agent requires hard work and dedication. Would you want to be a listing agent vs selling agent, a buyers agent, or you’ll try your luck at each? Yes, you heard me right!

It is very common for agents to work both as a listing and a buyer’s agent. If you’re wondering what a listing agent is doing, one of his responsibilities is signing the listing agreement, legally binding you to the sale. Still, as a buyer’s agent, if you don’t have your clients sign a buyer’s brokerage agreement, the client has no obligation toward the agent.

However, some might argue that the agent’s professionalism and ability determine whether one is clearly better. A buyer’s agent can help clients find a home in no time, while an overpriced listing might never sell. The opposite can be just as accurate. Some might argue that becoming a listing agent is the way to go. By securing a reasonably-priced listing from an owner, you can sell the property and collect the commission. What is a listing agent’s hope? It is indeed, what every agent wishes for: to be rewarded for their efforts.

On the other hand, as a buyer’s agent, you can write a lot of offers for a prospective buyer that you’ll never win. Therefore, you might waste a lot of your time. It is common in situations like this to not earn a commission, despite all the hours spent. It might appear that you get more returns on the seller’s side. However, buyers can become sellers in later years, which can also translate into earnings if you look at it this way. If you are a dedicated team player in real estate, it will surely pay off on both ends.

Final thoughts

So, what’s the fundamental difference between a listing agent vs selling agent? The critical difference between a selling agent vs listing agent is that the first represents the homebuyer. In contrast, the listing agent represents the asset seller. If you are wondering what a listing agent is, know that they handle a property sale from A to Z.

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