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Definition of "For rent by owner (FRBO)"

Wondering what For Rent By Owner (FRBO) means?

It’s the more popular cousin of For Sale By Owner (FSBO). For Rent By Owner (FRBO) are really common; it’s the name we give to properties that are put on the market for rent by the owner instead of by a property management rental company.

When you see a listing or a house sign saying “for rent by owner (FRBO)” know that it means that home was put on the market (almost with) no help from a real estate agent and you will deal exclusively with its owner when applying for the tenancy and, after, while you’re living in the place.

Internet has made it easier for people to embark on the for sale by owner (FSBO) route. However, there is still too many minutia that makes it a not recommended action. You still can benefit a lot from the presence of a real estate agent by your side. Whereas on the rent side, though, the risk of doing it all alone is not that big. Sure, a real estate agent might help - especially when the time comes for you to determine your rent price – and a property management rental company will definitely help with billing and repairs etc. But say you are retired or you have the time to spend dealing with possible (probable!) Tenant’s dealings, it’s definitely doable. It’s not rocket science! If you have the time and the patience anyone can learn how to go about the Landlord’s life.

Real Estate Tips:

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