Definition of "Joint tenancy"

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A type of property coownership of two or more individuals to whom real property is deeded and who together have an undivided interest in it as a whole. There is only one title to the whole property. Upon the death of a joint tenant, that person's interest does not descend to his or her heirs or pass by will. Rather, the entire ownership remains in the surviving joint tenant(s). In other word, there is simply one less owner. A joint tenant can be in exclusive possession of the property or he or she can lease his or her interest to a third party without affecting the nature of the joint tenancy. Such lease will terminate upon the death of the lessor joint tenant, with the surviving joint tenants taking the interest thereon. generally, if a joint tenant dies, the survivors(s) obtain the property, also called joint tenancy with right of survivorship. For example, John and Victor are the joint tenants of a building. Each own one half of the whole building. Upon John's death, Victor will own the whole property, and vice versa.


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