What Are The Best Neighborhoods To Live In Santa Rosa Beach?

Definition of "What are the best neighborhoods to live in Santa Rosa Beach?"

Welcome to Santa Rosa Beach, where the sun always shines, the sand along the shores is crystal-clear, and the turquoise water tempts anyone to give in to absolute recreation. With such natural perks, choosing the harmonious unincorporated community of Santa Rosa Beach, along the scenic 30A highway in Walton County, Florida, is a no-brainer. The idyllic town of 14,000 delivers big time when it comes to stunning tourist hotspots and high-class residential neighborhoods. Let’s find out which of them are the highest-rated!

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This charming community excels in economic prospects, making it a first-class investment opportunity for real estate investors and homebuyers looking for homes for sale in Santa Rosa Beach. Suppose you’re interested in thriving in this slice of paradise. Then, the most reasonable thing to do is contact top-tier local real estate agents in Santa Rosa Beach! Established realtors will bring you up to speed with excellent housing deals and the diverse Santa Rosa Beach property portfolio, from cottages to high-end mansions. There isn’t a single aspect of the local artistic, cultural, and economic life that remains hidden before them! 

The Santa Rosa Beach housing market is intriguing, to say the least. As of Q4 2023, the median property sale price was about $920,000, making it one of the pricier Florida markets. But what do you receive for your buck, and which districts should you consider moving to? 


Topping our list of Santa Rosa Beach’s best neighborhoods is the enchanting WaterColor. Discover pastel-hued homes, enchanting streets, and a perfectly integrated nature! WaterColor offers a unique blend of luxury and coastal living with a penchant for carefully crafted design, architecture, and eye-catching landscaping.

However, WaterColor’s appeal extends beyond its aesthetic charm. One of Santa Rosa Beach’s trendiest neighborhoods boasts a vibrant Town Center with boutique shops, fine-dining restaurants, and community events. Find here the renowned WaterColor Inn, a lavish getaway for those seeking upscale beachfront living.


Are you as fascinated by "The Truman Show" as we are? Then, here's your chance to experience the idyllic suburban feeling every day! Seaside in Santa Rosa Beach oozes a nostalgic and small-town feel. Obviously, white picket fences and charming cottages only enhance the overall atmosphere. Plus, you'll find a lively town square. Seaside is a true masterpiece for those captivated by a retro New Urbanist community. 

Seaside is well-known for its cultural and community events, including outdoor concerts, farmers' markets, and art festivals. Simultaneously, residents are welcome to explore the neighborhood's countless offerings and some of the most fantastic Santa Rosa Beach attractions.

Grayton Beach

Grayton Beach is the neighborhood for those seeking a bohemian and eclectic vibe. Thanks to its artistic spirit, this easygoing community is trending with millennials and Gen Z. It is peppered with colorful beach cottages and local art galleries (such as CHROMA/ Kathleen Broaderick Studio & Gallery). Do you appreciate creativity, individuality, and a careless lifestyle? Then, Grayton Beach will be a haven for you!

Undeniably, Grayton Beach’s center is its historic Red Bar. Imagine an almost mythical establishment featuring live music, unconventional decor, and a welcoming atmosphere! Living in Greyton Beach, you’ll have full access to the beautiful Grayton Beach State Park and Western Lake, where you can kayak, paddle board, and explore the most adventurous nature trails. Did you know that Greyont Beach hosts some of the top-rated restaurants in Santa Rosa Beach?

Rosemary Beach

Rosemary Beach is a picturesque and attractive community that mixes New Urbanism with European aesthetics. This exceptional area exudes timeless beauty with cobblestone lanes, charming courtyards, and a broad range of architectural types Americans prefer.

Rosemary Beach’s town center is a focal point, with boutique shopping, gourmet restaurants, and a lively ambiance. The architecture of the community promotes a close-knit feel, with parks and social areas encouraging interaction among residents and guests. Rosemary Beach represents the finest of coastal life with its blend of luxurious residences and a friendly attitude.

Final thoughts

Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, is a collection of extraordinary neighborhoods. From Grayton Beach’s artistic spirit to Rosemary Beach’s timeless elegance, the residential community features various housing options for those seeking a coastal sanctuary.

You can be drawn to WaterColor’s and Seaside’s vibrant communities or Grayton Beach’s bohemian atmosphere. One thing is sure. All Santa Rosa Beach neighborhoods are safe. In addition, they provide a slice of paradise along the Emerald Coast, regardless of your preferences, with plenty of mind-bending outdoor activities. Each neighborhood tells a story, contributing to Santa Rosa Beach’s undisputed fame. In short, it’s the ideal destination where coastal living and Southern charm harmoniously coexist.

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