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When an Appraisal is done, its ultimate goal is to define a Market Value for that property. So, in short, market value is the value of a real estate property in a free competitive market.

Many variables are considered by the Appraiser when analyzing the monetary worth of a property. Supply and demand are the essential factors, but there are others - like structural condition and aesthetic features - that also weigh into the appraiser’s analysis. Sometimes, when a comparative analysis is not enough to assert a price to the house, an Appraiser would use the Replacement Cost and the Income Approach to better evaluate them.

Market Values are not set in stone. Here are three things that can affect it:

- Location, location location. It’s a real estate cliche, right? Because it’s true. A house that is completely identical to another (build-wise) can get sold at a much higher price just because it’s in a premier location.
- Plastic Surgery. You can improve the effective age of your house (and its value) by doing renovations and adding valuable assets to your house. A sauna could not only provide you a good time during the winter, but also bring the market value of your home up.
- Chance. If a trendy retailer sets shop across the street from you, your house may have a spike on its market value. But it could go the other way around too, if - for example - there’s a spike in criminal activity within your area.

The truth is that a comprehensive appraisal keeps an eye on all available information in order to have a clear picture of the property’s value.

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