What Is The Cost Of Living In Plano Texas?

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There are a lot of reasons to move to Plano Texas. From the ready availability of jobs to the thriving arts community and low crime rates, there are a number of things that may have brought you to the task at hand, namely researching a move to Plano. If you’ve researched all of these very pertinent questions, chances are you’ve been amply satisfied with your findings. After all, considering how fast this town is growing, it must have something special! 


But there’s one more thing you might not have researched yet, and it’s something that anyone considering a move should know about their destination city: the cost of living! This magic number is less mystical than it may seem; it is simply a ballpark figure, which will determine whether or not your current financial situation can sustain life in a certain area or not. 

Cost of living in Plano


As for Plano, you can add its cost of living to the already long list of reasons to move here! While housing is a notable exception to this rule, with houses averaging $330,000 and upwards, and rent averaging around $1,300, other expenses are characteristically below average. 


Looking past this one exception, the cost of living in Plano is significantly lower than many other cities in Texas. For starters, fuel is lower in price, often costing below $1.50 a gallon, which, needless to say, is far lower than in many places across the country. Food is also quite a bit less expensive, with basic necessities often priced far below similar items in other places. 


Utility prices are low per unit, but during the hot summer months you may see an upwards fluctuation due to the need for round the clock air conditioning. However, due to Texas’ patently mild winters, you’ll also be faced with much lower power bills during the winter months, making the overall price of electricity rather low. 


If you would like to move to this beautiful city, why not get in touch with one of the real estate agents in Plano TX? These experienced professional realtors will do their best to find the listing that’s right for you, at the lowest cost possible; before you know it, you might just be calling Plano home! 


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