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As Charleston, SC is located in the middle of South Carolina’s oceanfront, the city manages to attract an increasing number of new residents every year as well as visitors who come here to enjoy everything that the Holy City has to offer. Known for its history as well as its touristic appeal, the city of Charleston, SC succeeded in remaining relatively affordable, contrary to its attractivity, growing economy as well as amazing location. Do keep in mind that this is one of the most sought after cities in the country because the relativity of its affordability depends on what you expect from a city of Charleston’s value.

Cost of living in Charleston SC

Overall, the city of Charleston, SC is only 4%  more expensive than the average cost of living in the United States. This impacts the growing population as with the numerous opportunities available, the city provides a good quality of life for its residents. With many affordable or even free activities available throughout the city, Charlestonians can enjoy a good and affordable life. 

In regards to the housing expenses, the real estate market in Charleston, SC is around 30% more expensive than the rest of the country if you want to buy a house, but if you want to rent you will find rentals that are only 15% more expensive. If you compare the cost for housing in Charleston with the rest of South Carolina you will see a big difference but keep in mind that this is the largest and oldest city in the state.

The median home value in Charleston, SC is $327,000 while the median rent is $1,900.Utilities and groceries are also more expensive in Charleston than they are on average in the US with differences of 24% and 4% respectively.

If you are thinking of moving to this amazing coastal city, whether because of a job opportunity or the slow-paced lifestyle, you can get in touch with real estate agents in Charleston SC. They can help you find the best house for you and your family in the Holy City of South Carolina.


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