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The definition of net sales price in real estate is the combined total cost to the buyer of a listing, excluding any auxiliary costs such as the sales fee, appraisal fee, real estate agent commission and any other supplementary costs. Net sales price differs from gross sales price in several regards in that gross sales price includes all supplementary costs, while net sales price only includes the cost paid by the buyer. 

So how is net sales price calculated, and what is and is not counted while calculating it? In the following section, we’ll provide some examples of how net sales price is used as a term in real estate, and how it is calculated. Let’s begin. 

Example of net sales price in real estate

Harold is a junior partner at a well established law firm. A skilled defense lawyer, Harold, or Harry as his friends call him, is as cunning as he is unscrupulous. With a bustling clientele that includes many distasteful individuals, he has amassed a small fortune and is in the market to sell his home. He finds a real estate agent and begins the process of selling his current domicile. 

After some searching, Harold manages to find a buyer for his current home, a beautiful two story cape-cod style home in a quiet suburb adjacent to the city. After completing the preliminary paperwork, Harold proceeds to calculate how much he’ll receive after the sale of his home. However, misfortune befalls him. 

In a twist of irony, it turns out that the real estate agency Harold chose to sell his home is as disingenuous as he is. After applying a myriad of hidden fees and costs in addition to the universal fees that must be paid after the sale of a home, Harold records a net sales price far lower than he believed he would when he began the process of selling his home. 


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