Is Alpharetta GA A Good Place To Live?

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Well … in order to answer this question, one must simply look at the city’s top ranking lists available online to help make that determination. The simplest answer is yes. Alpharetta, Georgia is a good place to live, to say the least. While not technically “the first town” as its name may lead you to believe, it has every right to be at the top of your list if you’re looking for a great place to relocate to. And this is not an argument given slightly. It earned its place as the best city to live in Georgia especially if you want to start a family.

Located only 30 minutes away from Atlanta, Alpharetta is surrounded by wooded areas, small creeks and various trails for hiking providing plenty of recreational outdoor activities. It is also best known as the Technology City of the South with around 600 tech companies calling Alpharetta, GA their home. There are countless things to do in and around the city for the whole family which makes it an ideal place to raise children. You’ll find out why this city is considered the best place to live in Georgia in a short while and you can also enjoy everything that the city has to offer as real estate agents in Alpharetta GA are more than willing to assist you in purchasing your own family home.

Family life - a focus in Alpharetta, GA


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As it was already mentioned above, yes, Alpharetta is the ideal place to raise a family based on many tops, lists and selections. Niche[dot]com ranks the city as #1 for raising a family in Georgia and it is also the #35 best suburbs to live in all of the US on the same site. If you look only at Fulton County you will see the city at the top in most areas of interest: best to live, best to raise a family, best public schools, best to buy a house, and second-best for young professionals (but the last one may be a bit untrustworthy as we get to the second point of interest).

With the best schools in the county and 5th best schools in the state, Alpharetta, GA focuses intently on giving children the best tools and resources to succeed in becoming wholesome and productive members of the community. As the ranking system takes into account not only the educational system but family-friendly amenities as well. As one of the friendliest cities in America, according to Forbes, in Alpharetta, you can find top golf courses, the Ameris Bank Amphitheatre for some outdoor concerts, as well as many other things to do both indoor and outdoor. It’s easy to enjoy family life in the safety of the city’s borders with streets that make you forget about your worries and insecurity as you’re surrounded by the friendly southern hospitality, living in Alpharetta, GA may very well be ideal. 

Economy - the engine powering Alpharetta, GA

Throughout its development, the city of Alpharetta, GA focused on implementing sustainable ways in order to inspire growth and fertilize the economy. This led to an increase in population, increase of revenue, increase of businesses. The impact had been so favorable that the population grew from 3,000 residents to over 66,000 in 35 years and the city has around 600 tech companies that decided to move or start their business there and not in Atlanta, GA, Alpharetta’s much bigger sister city. The median family income in Alpharetta, GA is at $109,000 having grown significantly over the last years, being much higher than even Atlanta’s. 


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