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The town of Bluffton SC is a Lowcountry town located along the coast of South Carolina, in Beaufort County. In the year 2000, the city population was close to 2,500 and two decades later the population reached almost 23,000 people, making it the fastest-growing municipality in South Carolina. You are maybe wondering why people are drawn to this small town? Many people probably haven’t even heard about this town before? What is Bluffton SC known for?

The town of Bluffton South Carolina is 54 square miles of beauty and the area blooms as a residential community. One of the things that locals appreciate the most about this town is the accentuated natural beauty of the May River estuary. The landscape is breathtaking and spending your time exploring the outdoor wonders of Bluffton SC is definitely something both locals and tourists enjoy doing.

As you make your way through the creeks to the heart of the town you will discover the Old Town which is the soul of Bluffton South Carolina with its eclectic and classic charm. It is the perfect place if you are thinking about buying a home in Bluffton SC because you get the unique feel of being part of a true coastal village.

Outside of Old Town, you can enjoy your favorite water activities on the estuary, along with its breathtaking views. You can also join the residential communities for an outstanding golfing experience or pay a visit to their shopping enclaves. Inside Old Town, you can sample the offerings of fresh, local produce at what is known to be one of the best farmers markets in the area. The great quality of life in Bluffton SC makes it feel as if you are always on vacation and because the area doesn’t get a lot of traffic, you can really find a quiet place to settle in.

Just make sure you get in touch with top real estate agents in Bluffton South Carolina, in order to find the perfect home for you and enjoy one of the most scenic coastal villages in the Lowcountry.


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