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A passive house is a construction that has limited to zero carbon footprint. These kinds of houses have been developed as an answer for the necessity to lower pollution for the benefit of our planet as well as our own well being. Passive house design is something to be discussed with a passive house designer. There are many things to take into consideration when embarking on a passive house project. Passive house plans are rigorously developed in order to follow the passive house standards.

Getting certified for a passive home

In order to get your passive house certificate from PHIUS, there are several tests that the house itself must pass. The most difficult one is the air-tight test which is performed by an inspector with the help of a blow-door. This test installs the blow-door on the main entrance to the house and blows air inside the house to check the pressure as well as possible leaks. If leaks are found, the test is failed and the passive house certification is not granted. Making sure that there are no leaks can be done by implementing a building envelope that completely isolates the walls, flooring and ceiling.

In order to follow the passive house standards, you should work with a passive house architect and designer. They will take into account the materials used, the density of the windows, the heating system, the roof positioning, the passive house plans as well as the furniture brought in the house.

A passive house does not use solar panels for heat but systems that use the heat from the indoor air in order to heat the air coming from outside. The ventilation system does this and it allows for fresh, but at the same time, warm air inside the house.

So what is a passive house

Passive house definition is a construction that saves up to 90% energy for both cooling and heating. Heating a passive house is done with heat recovery ventilation that uses the heat recovered from the residents and the sun in order to heat the new air coming inside the house. It has no air leaks and uses high-performance doors and windows.


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