Definition of "Revaluation"

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Reconsideration of the value of real property. An example is getting property appraised each year to determine its current value for tax or purposes of determining whether to sell it. revaluation clause


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Comments for Revaluation

Shanya Howard Shanya Howard said:

Is revaluation a binding appraisal?

Jun 25, 2021  05:44:26

Real Estate Agent

Hey Shanya! Thank you for reaching out to us. A revaluation is not a binding appraisal, and it can be appealed. What you need for that is the assessment letter which contains all the information related to the property based on which the final value is determined. If you find any inaccuracies, it will be an easy process. You can also hire an appraiser for another opinion. You can also look at the comparables and see potential differences in assessments or the actual properties (an additional fireplace, an extra bathroom, etc.) - in this case, the properties (yours and the comparable) aren't comparables anymore. Once you have your research, you can contact your local assessor's office and request a review. If the review doesn't satisfy you, you can appeal it. One thing to note, however, if you reach an appeal, the most that can happen is that your property's assessment is lowered, but not the tax rate. You will get a tax rate reduction. Keep in mind that this whole process can take up to a year in some jurisdictions, and it does not guarantee a reduction to your bill.

Jul 01, 2021  11:42:30

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