Definition of "Tight money"

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  1. A decrease in spending dollars because of a decrease in the money supply.
  2. Less funds available to prospective home buyers by lenders. Attractive mortgages are difficult to get.

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Comments for Tight Money

Maria Del Rosario Rivera Cuevas Maria Del Rosario Rivera Cuevas said:

what would need to occur to turn a tight money market into an easy money market?

Jun 10, 2021  23:49:44

Real Estate Agent

Hey Maria! Thank you for reaching out to us. For a tight money market to turn into an easy money market, a recession is required. An easy money market is designed to increase the money supply, grow the collective demand, and create new jobs. By doing this, interest rates will drop, business activities will accelerate, and the unemployment rates will drop.

Jun 11, 2021  07:33:17

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