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Fort Myers is a city located in the southwest region of Florida. Also, the county seat of Lee County, Fort Myers holds a population of about 75,000 people. The city was named after Colonel Abraham Myers, the quartermaster general within the Confederate Army. Fort Myers is a popular tourist attraction within the state of Florida and its rich history along with all the important historical figures makes the city a notable landmark.

The historical development of the city of Fort Myers, FL will be widely noticed throughout the area because of the variety of architectural styles. Nowadays the city is well known for its strong neighborhood ties and community activities. Cities that are part of the Sunshine state enjoy beautiful weather all year round, and Fort Myers is no exception.

Rarely temperatures rise above 100 degrees in the summer or drop below the freezing point. With a climate that is perfect for year-round beach-going, tourists and locals enjoy the perfect weather conditions in a city that is charming and perfectly safe. Altogether, Fort Myers is a city worth exploring in order to find more about the things that make it so charming and beautiful. Let’s see what Fort Myers, Florida is known for?

Are there any important historical figures, featured in Fort Myers?

While every city has its own important people that shaped the history of the city. These two men that are part of Fort Myers’s history had a much higher impact,not only in this city but also globally. You probably hear about Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and Harvey Firestone, right? These three men have brought a large contribution not only to the state but to the world.


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These three men were leaders in the American industry and have been memorized in statues in downtown Fort Myers Centennial Park. The population growth in Fort Myers started with the construction of Edison Bridge that was inaugurated by Edison himself who was the first one to drive across it.

Thanks to the construction of the bridge the city has witnessed a real estate boom. Even some of the top real estate agents in Fort Myers FL will acknowledge the glory of those times. Mina Edison deeded Seminole Lodge to the city of Fort Myers in 1947 in memory of her husband. Later, in 1988 the adjacent property of Henry Ford was purchased by the city and today the combined properties form the Edison and Ford Winter Estates.

Why is the city called the “City of Palms”?

During World War 1, Edison became very concerned about America’s reliance on foreign supplies of rubber. He partnered with Henry Ford and Harvey Firestone in an attempt to find a rubber plant or tree that would grow quickly.

Edison Botanic Research Company was born that way and most of his research on exotic plants and trees were conducted in Fort Myers, Florida. Though Edison’s efforts, now Riverside Avenue is lined with royal palms that were imported by him. That’s also the aspect that inspired the city's nickname “City of Palms”.

The city of Fort Myers has a rich history filled with important events and moments that made it what itis today. The diversity of the city and its beauty is one of the aspects that mesmerized even the greatest minds in American history making Fort Myers, FL a good place to live in


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