How Much Does It Cost To Live In The Villages In Florida?

Answer for "How much does it cost to live in the villages in Florida?"

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Many retirees look to Florida in general when thinking of peaceful years of retirement and in Florida, The Villages seems to attract more elders than any other place. Located in central Florida, this master-planned community was developed with one goal in mind. That is to be the perfect place for active retirees where one can make friends of similar age, background and engage in various activities that would guarantee a great way of life for those over 65. 

Talking about the cost of living in The Villages, Florida, upon request, you can receive a “Lifestyle Portfolio” from the community where they provide all the information necessary in regards to costs, but those only cover the basic necessities totaling a monthly value of $1008. This, however, doesn’t cover any specific activities or particular desires. Unfortunately, we can’t look at that price and say that that’s standard, but it is a basic standard. We’ll try and give you a bigger picture of the costs so you can take into account your income and possibilities. 

Expected costs

With the median home value at $295,000, we can check that off the list and just add more to it. There are also the CDD fees that can range from $100 to $500 and it depends on the kind of home you decide to purchase.

One amazing thing about The Villages is that there you get free golf for life. Yes … you read that right. Now that will surely get your attention, but one thing to keep in mind is that you might want to invest in a golf cart, which costs between $200 all the way up to $2,000 - for custom made one - as golf carts are available for a fee.

The restaurant prices are similar to other places but you can expect to spend more as you will probably treat yourself to dinner out more often than usual. Other kinds of entertainment available at a cost are movie theatres, music acts or Polo matches with prices starting at $30.

Moving in The Villages is a promise of a retirement filled with senior fun, comfort and, of course, the reason why we all love Florida, its glorious Sun. Actually, over 56% of the population of The Villages is over 65 and Forbes listed this community as one of the best places to retire in 2018.

The cost of living in The Villages is lower than the national average by 6% and there has been a slight increase of 1.5% from last year in Transportation, Food and Housing. 

With several events throughout the year, The Villages can be both relaxing as well as exciting and it’s all available for you to choose from while it is a great place to live. Your retirement, as well as your budget, will be happy when you decide to move here and, if you want to make the transition even easier, get in touch with realtors in The Villages FL.


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