What’s The Average Home Prices In Indian Harbour Beach Florida?

Answer for "What’s the average home prices in Indian Harbour Beach Florida?"

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Indian Harbour Beach FL is known for being “Florida’s Greatest Little City”. In spite of its size and about 9,000 residents that inhabit the area, the city of Indian Harbour Beach Florida is one of Florida’s residential gems. It is very popular amongst apartment renters and this is mostly thanks to its great location on the barrier island along Brevard County’s Space Coast.

The weather conditions in Indian Harbour Beach FL are ideal for a coastline destination. Because the city is nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian River Lagoon you have one of the most amazing sightseeing in any direction you look. The pristine conditions of Indian Harbour Beach FL make it one of the best cities to live in Florida.

It is the ideal place if you want to relax in an apartment/condo that offers you an amazing view of the ocean. The housing market in Indian Harbour Beach FL is both affordable and accessible, so if you are on the lookout for housing on the coast, you are in the right place. But how expensive is the housing market actually in Indian Harbour Beach FL? What’s the average home price in Indian Harbour Beach Florida?

According to some of the major listing sites, the home value is around $320,000 and the market is not very competitive. You are looking towards a buyers market and because the city is amongst the newly founded cities on the East Coast of Florida, you will witness a slow but steady increase in home prices over time.

The city of Indian Harbour Beach FL is also one of the first and only stormready cities on the East Coast, and therefore investing in properties around the area would be a good idea since a lot of people see it as a great advantage to live here. About 33% of the properties listed for sale in Indian Harbour Beach Florida are priced between $124,000 and $248,000, 21% are priced between $248,000 and $371,000.

As you can see there are quite a few housing options available in the area, therefore you can contact one of our best real estate agents in Indian Harbour Beach FL if you want to get your hands on some of the best home deals out there.


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