How Much Is The Average Home Price In Jacksonville FL?

Answer for "How much is the average home price in Jacksonville FL?"

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In Jacksonville, Florida, sunshine and beaches have been a driving force for many newcomers. Still, is there something else that the city knows and practices best? Indeed, it must be Jacksonville’s sure-footed economy then. Jacksonville city excels in many economic aspects, such as a low unemployment rate of 4.9% (the American average is currently at 6 percent in 2021). And, the job market is gradually growing. In a word, everything is set for an outstanding expansion of the real estate business. 

Real estates in Jacksonville in the third trimester of 2021

The real estate market flourishes in Jacksonville, Florida. According to September 2021 statistics, the median list price was $272,000. Prices went up by about 19 percent compared to 2020. Home sellers can sell their properties after approximately 27 days on the housing market. Thus, the waiting period also dropped from last year’s average of 38 days. There are many homes available on the market. In September 2021, about 1,680 properties found a new owner in the city. The local realtors in Jacksonville FL will gladly offer you convenient and affordable housing opportunities. 

Market trends in Jacksonville over the last three years

Once we have analyzed the real estate statistics in the area, we can conclude that Jacksonville experienced continuous and uninterrupted growth in home values. During the last three years, there was one minor bump on the road. In January 2019, property values dropped to an average of $175,000 from $200,000 reported in December 2018. Prices have steadily increased ever since. Not even the global pandemic could slow it down. The steady rise of Jacksonville real estate continued during 2021. We can confirm that Jacksonville was part of the “ivy league“ of those cities where the housing market boomed during the pandemic. Therefore, agents qualified Jacksonville as a competitive real estate market. Additionally, Jacksonville is a fine example of how politics can positively influence the housing business

The local economy is in good hands. Therefore, the housing business is also doing more than excellent in Jacksonville! Rising house prices mirror the trust sellers and buyers have placed in the local economy and business prospects. People invest in Jacksonville properties and can benefit from their financial contribution in the future.

Suppose you’re fascinated with the city of Jacksonville. And you wish to buy a property here. Then why don’t you give a shout-out to local realtors? They can get you an affordable condo or house in any neighborhood you wish! At the same time, they will expertly represent your interests if you intend to sell your private property in Jacksonville.


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