Should I Buy Or Rent In High Point NC?

Answer for "Should I buy or rent in High Point NC?"

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The city of High Point has a privileged spot in the center of North Carolina, inside the metro area of the Piedmont Triad Region. Also, the city of High Point is known as the Furnishing Capital of the World for holding one of the largest home furnishing trade shows every year. However, before you think about designing your home according to the latest home furnishing trends, you should decide whether it‘s worth owning a home or renting. Should I buy or rent in High Point NC? Let’s find out!

Throughout the US, the housing market is fluctuating, and some areas have witnessed tremendous home appreciation lately. In contrast, other regions have remained constant or even fall below what the median home value used to be. When it comes to the average home price of High Point NC, you are looking at one of the most affordable housing markets in North Carolina.

According to Zillow, the median home value in High Point NC is close to $160,000, which is lower than the national and state average. On the other hand, the average rent in High Point NC is about $880, but there are more homes occupied by owners compared to tenant-occupied households. Because households are predominantly occupied by owners, it shows that residents in High Point prefer to be homeowners.

However, renting has its advantages too. If you are thinking about exploring the area for opportunities and learn about High Point’s top attractions, you might be better off renting for a while to find out if you feel at home in the community. On the other hand, if you decide that the home prices are too attractive not to consider a home purchase, you can get in touch with a few local realtors in High Point NC, and find a good neighborhood where you can move.

Regardless of your choice, the city of High Point NC is without question a great city where you can integrate into a community and find a new place to call home.


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