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Austin, the Lone Star State capital, is the fastest-growing American metro area in the US (according to Forbes in 2015.) The bold often refer to Austin as the City of the Violet Crown or Waterloo. The expression first appeared in The Austin Daily Statesman, a local journal. They glorified the town where the Belt of Venus showed its most spectacular form. Yet, Austin’s moonlight towers must also have played a substantial part in this.

In every sense, the City of the Violet Crown is a genuine city to behold. Just ask the best local realtors in Austin TX! Even a rising number of Californians have found Austin their ideal place to move. Consequently, they won’t stop praising their charming town for the countless mind-blowing things to do in Austin. 

Austin, a trendy relocation destination

Our beloved city is the county seat of Travis County. Did you know that Austin is one of the oldest cities in the US, founded in 1839? We recommend you visit the Bob Bullock Museum to explore its awe-inspiring historical heritage! In addition, Austin boasts the 11th largest population in America (about 996,000 in 2022) and the fourth most populous metropolitan area in Texas. At the same time, the Austin-Round Rock Metro Area counted more than 2 million souls!

Economic potential draws in many out-of-towners.

Since the early 1990s, the city has doubled its population, which is still rising by 1.75 percent annually. Maybe it has something to do with impressive economic prospects showcasing an extraordinary thriving ground for businesses and a median income of around $72,000 as of 2021.

Firstly, local businesses attempt to keep giant corporations at bay, seemingly doing an excellent job at this. On the other hand, people call Austin the Mecca of startup culture (like Silicon Valley)  for a reason. Plus, there’s no income tax, either! 

Austin combines other great US cities' best features seamlessly. 

Austin doesn’t follow the beaten track, just like Portland. Secondly, it qualifies as one of the US’s most famous live music scenes. Actually, Austin might be the next best thing after fun things in Nashville! Moreover, Austin has more live music venues per capita than New York City or Memphis. 

Food enthusiasts gather! Austin presents gourmets with the most exotic dishes for every occasion. In a nutshell, vivid nightlife awaits you with many colorful night bars and breweries serving the best ales and craft beers.

Though Waterloo doesn’t have beaches like California, it features many hills, especially in its western region. Another similarity with the Golden State cities is that it features many Spanish-style homes built on the hillsides offering astonishing views. 

The University of Texas at Austin pumps new blood into the city’s veins.

It’s a well-known fact that Texas is one of the best US states for education. Austin doesn’t lag, providing first-class curriculum and extension courses. Besides, the city fully benefits from the presence of the University of Texas at Austin, attended by more than 50,000 students. “Hook ’em horns” is the slogan you must learn if you want to proudly march throughout the streets and support the best team out there, the Texas Longhorns!

As a result, the residents’ average age is 31. Furthermore, students bring a fresh perspective and revitalization to the local economy and artistic and cultural life. Austin is a party town. From a political perspective, Austin considers itself quite liberal. 

Explore Austin by neighborhoods!

For starters, you might want to look into Sixth Street if you’re into shedding light on Austin’s historical roots. The skyscraper boom mirrors the city’s sprawling development. Downtown Austin hosts the central business district with countless residential condo towers, such as the Independent and the Austonian. The Seaholm District, a former industrial region, is now an energetic urban neighborhood ideal for a family relocation

However, the town offers essential recreation and outdoor activities as well. Sports enthusiasts will find lots of exciting things at the must-see Lake Travis and Lady Bird Lake, such as canoeing and paddling. 


The City of the Violet Crown combines every fundamental aspect of life you are dreaming about. Affordable housing options in Austin? Contact top-tier realtors in Austin! Promising economic prospects for young professionals and families? Check! Entertainment with jaw-dropping music venues and restaurants? Check! 

One thing is sure; living in Austin, Texas, means life has dealt you a royal flush. It beats all other poker hands!

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