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For a few years now, the state of Texas has been at the top of the list of states that had the largest numerical growth in population. With a population of about 2.34 million people, the residents of Houston Texas enjoy a pleasant urban environment where most of them rent their homes. If you are here, you are probably wondering if Houston TX is a good place to live?

The short answer to this question is, yes, the city of Houston TX is in fact quite a good place to live. Without a doubt, you will find benefits and downsides to living in Houston TX just like you would in any other city in the US. However, there are quite a few reasons that make Houston an amazing place to live.

One of the things that make Houston stand out is the fact that it holds one of the highest numbers of Forbes 500 Headquarters next to New York City. The city is flourishing economically and therefore, the job opportunities in the area are something the residents can really benefit from. Not to mention the fact that there are many good real estate agents in Houston TX which would be a good indicator for the prosperous housing market in the area.

The median home price is at around $190,000 and the average rent is at around $1,100. About 41% of apartments for rent in Houston rent between the price of $700 to $1,000 a month. The housing market is a buyers market at the moment and with help from some of the best real estate agents in Houston TX, you can easily surf through the overwhelming amount of housing options, narrow down your searches and find the perfect home for you.

Aside from the housing market, Houston is also renowned for making considerable steps forward for the scientific community and art. The Houston Space Center is one of the institutions that contributed greatly to the ability of man to explore space. The Houston Museum of Fine Arts and the Contemporary Museum of Arts are some of the art museums where you can explore the stunning works of some of the most influential artists of the present and past.

This, however, is just a glimpse of what you can expect if you plan a vacation to Houston TX, and you can rest assured that Houston is a great place to live.


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