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Charlotte, North Carolina, has gained a somewhat infamous reputation in terms of high crime rates over the years. Is Charlotte NC safe? Or, did Charlotte NC crime rates go through the roof beyond repair? We’re here to address this hot topic but set it in a larger context. Can a city and its safety be reduced merely to its crime rates? 

Let’s face it, even the safest cities and states in America have experienced a surge in crime rates. In short, Charlotte’s moderately high crime rates shouldn’t deter anyone from moving to “The Queen City!” After all, most neighborhoods and suburbs in Charlotte are still family-friendly with a low crime rate.

You will need expert assistance in Charlotte, North Carolina!

Suppose you’re thinking of relocating to Charlotte NC. In that case, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the local real estate agents in Charlotte NC, for more information about the best neighborhoods for families concerning safety. Top-tier realtors will confirm that relocating to Charlotte has never been trendier!

No fear of crime can top the must-see things in Charlotte North Carolina!

For a city in Southern North Carolina, on the border with South Carolina, Charlotte has an incredible history that combines the charm from the southern past with the eclectic nuances of the future generations.


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From historic NASCAR to futuristic Giga Coasters, Charlotte is mixing the opposites and creating an amazing blend of activities for its residents and visitors. 

Did we mention that you’ll find breathtaking outdoor recreation in Charlotte if you’re an adventurous spirit? For instance, a day at Nantahala Outdoor Center will definitely make you forget about Charlotte NC crime rates!

Also, while attending the adrenaline-fuelled Nascar races, you won’t think about “Is Charlotte NC safe?” 

Charlotte NC crime rate or is Charlotte NC safe

Potential new residents and visitors will be interested in Charlotte NC crime rates. Their family's safety will always be their top priority.. Well-being and protection are vital for families, singles, and young professionals, so let’s see where this city ranks as far as safety goes.

Discover the statistics!

According to the most recent (first quarter of 2023) data supplied by Neighborhood Scout, Charlotte’s total crime index indicates that only five percent of US neighborhoods are more dangerous than our beloved city. Charlotte NC crime rate is double the North Carolina average. The chances of becoming a victim in Charlotte is about 1 to 124, while in the state average is 1 in 232. 

Looking at the big picture, we realize that in terms of murder, robbery, and assault statistics, Charlotte also exceeds the national average. However, on the bright side, sexual abuse cases are significantly few and far between here than in the States.

Property crime in Charlotte NC, and what measures should you take?

Unfortunately, property crime in Charlotte (32.12 percent) is also higher than the North Carolina median (22.4 percent.) For your information, the American average is 19 percent. In addition, the percentage of burglary (3.85 percent) and theft (25 percent) cases in Charlotte surpassed the national average (2.71 and 13.94). The chances of you becoming a property crime victim in Charlotte is one in 31 instead of one to 45 in North Carolina.

If high Charlotte NC crime rates trouble you, we recommend installing the most reliable home security systems. The question of “Is Charlotte NC safe” or increased property crimes won’t bother you once you’ve put cutting-edge security cameras in place. Also, remember that excellent home security can boost your home’s worth as well!

How did the Charlotte NC crime rates evolve in time?

Like any major city across the U.S., Charlotte, NC, has been trying to improve its safety ratings over the years. The numbers have improved over the last 25 years. Still, unfortunately, Charlotte can not be considered one of the safest US cities with crime rates higher than the national average. Throughout the North Carolina area, more than 91% of communities are safer and have lower crime rates than Charlotte in the past. Charlotte ranks at the top of the most unsafe cities for violent crimes, regardless of size or population.

This can be seen as an effect of the large influx of residents that came to the city. Still, while trying to keep it positive, we must consider how the numbers decreased. The silver lining here is that while back in 1993, there were 129 homicides, the population was around 451,700 residents. In 2016 there were 67 homicides, and in 2018 the number was 56, with a population of over 873,000 residents. With population numbers doubling over the last approximately 25 years, the crime statistics did not double.

Property crimes are also decreasing. For example 2016, there were around 37,000 property crimes in total. The numbers by 2018 were around 32,300 property crimes in total.

Which are the safest Neighborhoods in Charlotte North Carolina?

Many residents confirm that the closer you get to the city, the higher the crime rises.

Some of the least dangerous and highly recommended neighborhoods in Charlotte, NC are on the city’s outskirts in a soft perimeter within the circle drawn by the Interstate-485 Outer boundaries. The safest districts are those located in the opening from Uptown going south between Independence Boulevard and General Paul R. Younts Expy.

Suppose you wish to provide the safest circumstances for your family in Charlotte, NC. Then, we recommend buying or renting a home in the following neighborhoods!

  • Fawn Hill Rd / Brush Hollow Road
  • Pleasant Hill Road East
  • Montibello
  • Bridgehampton
  • Allen
  • Sardis Forest

Living in Matthews, NC, one of the safest suburbs in Charlotte will grant you the much-desired piece of mind.


Living in Charlotte is an economically thriving city with few disadvantages, albeit nothing unusual. On the other hand, the perks are considerable. For example, the local unemployment rate is significantly lower than the American average. At the same time, the cost of living in Charlotte is more affordable than in the rest of the country. Moreover, its housing market also features reasonably-priced homes to purchase (the median home selling price was about $410,000 as of May 2023.)

How about the inquiry “Is Charlotte NC safe?” The high Charlotte NC crime rates are only one side of the coin. Rising violent and property crimes are inevitable if an enormous city, such as Charlotte, keeps expanding. However, you must know that the city council and authorities are constantly working on ways to improve public safety. 

We recommend you move to safe suburbs in Charlotte and avoid the most notoriously dangerous neighborhoods. Also, home security systems can bring you an extra sense of safety and security. But, most of all, don’t give in to unreasonable fears. Charlotte is far from being the riskiest metropolis in America. In a nutshell, Charlotte’s population keeps growing (about 885,000 as of 2023), which demonstrates that new families move here annually. Also, it proves our main point that Charlotte NC is an excellent place to live.

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