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Many newcomers to Elmira quite often take an interest in the region’s general safety. Indeed, the rumors haven’t been kind to Elmira in New York State. We will address these concerns in this article.

In what aspects is Elmira outstanding?

Though Elmira gained a rather infamous reputation over the years, it still qualifies as one of the best places to visit in New York State. The tranquil town is located in the larger Elmira Metro Area, enjoying certain economic benefits, such as the low cost of living

Then, out-of-towners and locals can indulge in fascinating open-air and indoor activities. For instance, you can visit Mark Twain’s residence and grave, go shopping at The Christmas House, or take a wild glider ride at Harris Hill Soaring Park.

The housing market in Elmira, New York, features low prices.

Our nation has suffered from numerous economic setbacks recently. Many decided to leave their residence in major cities to enjoy a more spacious home and lower taxes in the suburbs or smaller American towns. It’s thought-provoking to analyze relocation trends in the United States. Where from and where to are American citizens moving due to the pandemic and recession? 

Elmira most definitely benefited from city folks searching for alternate housing options. Even Business Insider named Elmira one of the top 30 cities to live in the US after the pandemic. While New York real estate is exorbitantly pricey, Elmira’s real estate market offered a viable solution. In the second semester of 2022, the median listing home price was slightly above $100,000. Doesn’t it sound attractive? 

Suppose you’re thrilled by the prospects of buying an affordable home in the city, and now you wish to act upon it. Then, it would be best to reach out to expert local real estate agents in Elmira NY, asap!

The local crime rate in Elmira is perplexing.

Right off the bat, we must disclose that Elmira’s crime rates are approximately 83 percent higher than the state average. Authorities published a series of telling stats according to which few are lower on the list of the safest American cities than our beloved town. 

 Nevertheless, Elmira was graded with a C+, implying that the local crime rate more or less equals the median recorded in the average American city. In short, 51 percent of US cities are safer than Elmira, and 49 percent are labeled more perilous. 

It was also revealed that Elmira’s crime rate was 36 per 1,000 citizens. In addition, the chances of becoming a crime victim are one to 28. An act of felony or misconduct in Elmira occurs every 10 hours. 

Still, the stats don’t apply to every city district. Locals consider the following neighborhoods are the safest: West Elmira, Southport East, Southport, Elmira South, and Elmira Southwest.

Property crime rates are also high.

Did you know that the chances that someone robs your property are three times more probable if you don’t install a reliable home security system in the town? Based on these numbers, we can conclude that Elmira has a long way ahead before making the list of cities with impressively low property crime rates.


Suppose the moderately high local crime rate worries you. Even in that case, the countless perks of living in Elmira still make up for this annoyance. For starters, you can buy cheap real estate, which you can later use as a second home or Airbnb rental. 

Secondly, the cost of living in Elmira is undoubtedly lower than in the rest of the country. Then, though it’s no resort town, Elmira still assumes a similar feature by showcasing many fantastic tourist destinations of things to do in the city. 

Though we can’t call Elmira one of the best places to stay in New York just yet, the positive trend in reducing local crimes certainly gives us hope that this unique town will rise again very soon!

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