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Who wouldn’t want to move to a quaint, charming town featuring cosmopolitan vibes and a low living cost? Has this ‘strange’ idea ever crossed your mind? Then, we have terrific news for you! We’ve found a genuine hidden gem in Waynesboro, Virginia. 

Waynesboro’s advantages are hard to surpass!

Being in the formidably beautiful Shenandoah Valley’s immediate vicinity, the town undoubtedly makes a run for the title of Virginia’s best tourist destination. Secondly, the housing market will most definitely surprise you with its affordable prices. 

Thirdly, the local economy and job market have produced astonishingly positive numbers for quite some time. And lastly, the average cost of living in Waynesboro will convince you to relocate there instantaneously!

Waynesboro doesn’t belong to the wealthiest Virginia counties simply because it’s an independent city in the Commonwealth of Virginia. However, being integral to the larger Staunton-Waynesboro Metro Area makes it trendy relocation heaven for families and professional job-seekers. 

Explore your options in the Waynesboro housing market!

House-hunters will meticulously investigate the US real estate market in search of an answer to the eternal question: where are the cheapest houses in America? Your quest for the holy grail has perhaps ended with the super affordable homes available in Waynesboro. According to the latest stats, the median home selling price was a mere $242,000 in June 2022. 

Why don’t you contact top-tier local real estate agents in Waynesboro VA, to get a reliable update on the local market trends? Additionally, they can show you some of the finest properties listed in the region tailored to your budget.

You can write home about the low prices in Waynesboro, Virginia!

Living in Waynesboro doesn’t require you to budget like a pro in 2022! The general living costs in Waynesboro are about five percent lower than the national average and ten percent more affordable than the Virginia median value as of 2022. Truth be told, last year’s percentage was even more impressive, namely 12.5 percent in favor of Waynesboro.

The ingredients making up the cost of living

On average, housing costs are about eight percent less costly than the US median. Likewise, you can buy groceries more affordably by about twelve percent. Besides, transportation costs and gas prices are less expensive by twenty-one percent. On the other hand, utilities are pricier by approximately seven percent here than in the rest of the country. Similarly, health care expenses are costlier than the US average. 

According to Payscale, the median rent in Waynesboro vary between $900 and $1,100 in the mid-year season of 2022. On average, residents have to pay $183 to cover energy expenses. 

Compared to Miami, one of the most expensive US cities, the cost of living in Waynesboro is about nineteen percent more affordable. Moreover, housing costs are 34 percent cheaper than in “The Magic City.” 

Waynesboro's local economy excels! 

First and foremost, the average annual salary in Waynesboro is about $58,000, with an hourly rate of $28. On the other hand, the American median wage was $53,500 in 2022, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

Secondly, the unemployment rate in Waynesboro (5.5 percent) is significantly lower than the national average of six percent. Besides, the local job market will experience a period of genuine revival and improvement in the next decade, thus surpassing the US median.


Apparently, all the stars have aligned for Waynesboro! This wonderful city successfully faced economic adversities and emerged victorious from the battles. Living in Waynesboro features countless perks. Folks in the town enjoy a reduced cost of living, well-paying jobs, and most of all, enviably low housing options. What’s your excuse for not having moved to Waynesboro yet?

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