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The city of Cape Coral, Florida, is home to over 204,000 residents, located on the state’s southwest coast. This friendly and vibrant community is renowned for its beaches and family-friendly attractions, placing it among the best places to raise a family in Lee county. 

If you’re planning on relocating to the city of Cape Coral, Florida and you are worried about the education quality, maybe the fact that it’s the third-best in Lee county gives you an idea of what you can expect. School ratings are subject to change on an annual basis, but contacting real estate agents in Cape Coral FL can result in updated information. The best realtors in Cape Coral will guide you towards the best neighborhoods based on school ratings, but we can help with some general information as well.

Gulf Elementary School

From all of the public elementary schools in Cape Coral, Florida, Gulf Elementary School stands out and ranks among the top 20% of Florida public schools. Math proficiency is above 77%, far above the state average, while reading is close by at 76% and science falls close behind at 69%. With a 15:1 student/teacher ratio, Gulf Elementary School offers an educational opportunity for around 1,000 children starting pre-kindergarten classes all through fifth grade.

Trafalgar Middle School

When you’re looking into the best middle school education providers in Cape Coral, Trafalgar Middle School is also in the top 20% of best public schools in Florida. The school’s math proficiency is around 79%, with 72% proficiency in reading and science is at 68%. Trafalgar Middle School has a student/teacher ratio of 17:1 and provides educational development to over 890 students grades 6 through 8.

Cape Coral High School

High school might be the most troubling period for a child to be uprooted from their childhood neighborhood, where they have all their friends, but Cape Coral High School stands out as the best public high school in the county. With a math proficiency of 53% and a reading proficiency of 62%, the high school has a graduation rate of 93% and an above-average college readiness rate. With 19 students for every teacher, over 78% of the students pursue further education after graduating from Cape Coral High School.

Trying to find the best school for your children’s education isn’t always an easy task. However, real estate agents that live in the city are updated on local information like this, more so than online sources. Safety is also important for newcomers and this can vary, similarly to school qualities, on neighborhoods, information a realtor can also help you with.


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