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When you go to Florida’s west coast, you should know what to expect from your trip or your move. So, before we get into all the reasons why Fort Myers, FL, is worth visiting, we will provide you with basic information regarding this holiday destination that has mesmerized countless people to either move or visit the area, as new residents, vacation home seekers, or snowbirds.

When you look at the United States of America map, you’ll find Florida on the eastern coast, right on the bottom right corner. Now, within the Sunshine State, a funny little nickname given to Florida due to the incredible number of sunny days, stop towards the middle of the half part and look left.

On the western coast, you will find an area with barrier islands, bays, and all the best things to experience during your holiday. That’s where you’ll find the city of Fort Myers, Florida. On the southern part of the Caloosahatchee River, across from Cape Coral, sits this lovely and quirky holiday town. Now, we’ll get to the main reason why almost 80,000 people live there and over 700,000 call the surrounding area their home.

The Astounding Beaches.

Before you go read up all there is written about the countless, glorious white sandy beaches in and around Fort Myers, do not for one second think that this is only about the sand and the Gulf of Mexico. What many people forget to consider whenever they discuss the beaches and the beach life is everything else that comes with it. The city’s economy is flourishing, and the amount of job growth because of the holiday atmosphere available here is a clear motivator for the city’s population growth.

Don’t forget that cities with great touristic potential and healthy job growth also tend to experience increased housing prices. The housing trends in Fort Myers, Florida, may require some closer inspection but are worth investing in. So, if there are beaches around and are managed according to their potential, they can fuel an incredible blossoming for any city. This is what has happened to Fort Myers, Florida. So while you’re planning your trip to this holiday haven, you might also want to look into contacting real estate agents in Fort Myers FL.


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