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The city of McKinney is a quiet town on the outskirts of the Dallas metropolitan area that is home to a number of attractive features that set this town apart from the rest. From being the filming location of a number of big-budget movies and TV shows, to housing several great historic attractions, there are a number of things McKinney is known for. Let’s look at a few of them now! 

Film and Television in McKinney

McKinney is a great place to shoot a movie or TV show, as the many film projects shot on location in McKinney can attest to. There’s just something about its quiet streets, picturesque storefronts and warm, friendly populace that makes it irresistible to filmmakers. 

A number of well known and critically acclaimed films and television series have been shot in McKinney, from the highly acclaimed series Prison Break to the widely beloved Predator reboot. For cinema buffs, McKinney is a stop you simply can’t miss. 

Historic Attractions in McKinney

McKinney is also home to a number of historical attractions that mark it as a distinctly meaningful town from a historical point of view. From the McKinney Performing Arts Center of yesteryear to the McKinney Veteran’s Memorial, there are a number of sites steeped in rich history here in the little town of McKinney.

McKinney’s downtown area is also a treasure trove of historical tidbits that are sure to delight anyone with an interest in the fascinating past of this small midwestern town. With all this going for it, how can you miss it?

If you are considering moving to this beautiful town, why not get in touch with one of the real estate agents in McKinney TX? These skilled real estate agents will help you find a listing that is right for you and assist you in the purchasing process. Before you know it, you might be living in the beautiful city of Mckinney!


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