Is Glen Burnie MD A Good Place To Live?

Answer for "Is Glen Burnie MD a good place to live?"

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Glen Burnie is a city located in Anne Arundel County in the beautiful state of Maryland. The city has a population of about 67,000 people and it is a suburb of Baltimore. Maryland is a state full of wonders and beauty where you get to experience all of the seasons along with a variety of landforms that take you from sandy beaches to rocky mountains.

If you want to relocate to Maryland you’re most likely wondering if the city of Glen Burnie MD is a good place to live? Here are some things that residents absolutely love about the city and will probably make you feel the same.

There are quite a few recreational ways you can spend your time in Glen Burnie MD because the city has plenty of amenities geared towards these kinds of activities. For example, there are a variety of parks and recreational centers around for you to enjoy. Aside from that, there will be shopping centers, restaurants, and malls at every turn so you don’t need to travel far to do your shopping.

Also, the waterfront area provides a lot of recreational opportunities, and let’s not forget about the miles of natural trails that run throughout the city. As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities to play, exercise, eat, and venture in the city of Glen Burnie Maryland.

Now that you know what you can do in Glen Burnie MD, were sure you’re wondering how affordable it is to live here? The median home value in Glen Burnie MD is currently at around $250,000 and the median list price per square foot is about $190. Also, the average rent price is about $1,400 and you have about 80% of units renting for prices anywhere between $1,000 to $1,500 and 19% renting for more than $1,500 per month.

Make sure you contact one of our best realtors in Glen Burnie MD, which will help you find your dream home for a good price. Take advantage of the great lifestyle and amenities that residents living in Glen Burnie get to enjoy.


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