Definition of "Is Roanoke VA worth visiting?"

When choosing the best place for a short weekend getaway or an extended trip with your friends or family, Roanoke, VA, it’s one of the best choices you can make. Here you may find some good reasons why Roanoke it's an affordable destination featuring stunning views that also offers a vibrant and artistic community. 

Location and landscape

Roanoke is a city located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of southwest Virginia. One of the main reasons to visit the" Star City of The South,'' is its landscape and location of the area. It also features the Roanoke Star on Mill Mountain, an iconic symbol of Virginia's Blue Ridge and a must-see place. Mill Mountain is within the city limits, separated from the surrounding ranges. 

Having all these mountainous landscapes, the city, and its surroundings, it's the perfect place if you're fond of outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking, road cycling, paddling, or just enjoying a pleasant, relaxing stroll. 

Affordable destination 

Roanoke has been named the most affordable city on the east coast with the highest quality of living. The city's residents are paying less than average for their accommodation, healthcare, and social activities, and the cost of living, in general, is budget-friendly. You can experience low-cost day trips, outdoor activities, concerts and shows, food and drinks, and much more. This aspect positively influences the travel costs, which are also lower than the average. 

Among the best places of interest, we can name Mill Mountain Star and Park, Roanoke Valley Greenways, Center in the Square, Carvins Cove Natural Reserve, and Mill Mountain Zoo. You will never get enough sightseeing, and why not get to know the local community?

Stunning views of Roanoke city 

One of  Roanoke’s main features is the ease of finding breathtaking views. Due to its location in the Blue Ridge Mountains, you can quickly soak in 

beautiful landscapes, even if you are not necessarily a hiking enthusiast. Among the best places to enjoy stunning views, we can point out Roanoke River Gorge, where you can look down from the bridge to watch the Roanoke River flow over Niagara Dam. Buchanan Swinging Bridge offers a great view of a small part of the Upper James River Water Trail and, of course, Center in the Square’s rooftop, with a spectacular view of the surrounding city skyline and nearby mountains. I bet you can’t name a more beautiful and inspiring thing to do than indulge in the breathtaking wonders of nature while being in a modern and culturally diverse environment.

The Artistic community of the city 

The City of Roanoke believes art and culture are an essential part of the community due to their potential to increase the quality of life of Roanoke's citizens,  enhancing the education and support of the economy. Thus, the art and culture scene in Roanoke is diverse and exciting. You will never get bored while visiting the city, being able to experience the incredible selection of live music, performing arts, and stimulating exhibitions at the local galleries and museums. Some of the main attractions are Virginia's Official Museum of Transportation which reflects the region's unique rail heritage, Taubman Museum of Art, which includes more than 2000 works in the collection. Also,  The Little Gallery which offers a wide-ranging collection of paintings, photographs, and sculptures. 


Considering all of these aspects, we can say that Roanoke is worth visiting. Not only because of its wide range of attractions but also because of its budget-friendly characteristics.

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