What Is The Cost Of Living In Roanoke VA?

Definition of "What is the cost of living in Roanoke VA?"

When finding the best place to live, there are some aspects that you must always take into consideration. Among these aspects, we can name employment opportunities, real estate value, crime rate, education system, and the cost of living. The former is essential when choosing a place to live. At the moment, given the current economic and post-pandemic situation, everyone is concerned about their finances. Thus the cost of living holds a vital role in finding accommodation.  


The cost of living consists of several factors, among which we can point out utility costs, transportation, healthcare cost, food, and other expenses. 


The cost of living in Roanoke, VA, is 12% lower than the state average and 11% lower than the national average. It makes the city an affordable and great place to live


Utility costs in Roanoke, VA


Whether you own a place or rent it, you have to pay for the utility expenses that come with it. These costs include essential services such as energy and telecommunications.  For example, in Roanoke, energy bills cost around $176.64 per month. The overall costs for utilities in Roanoke have an index of 98.2 which is less than the state’s and country’s average. The country’s standard has an index of 100. The difference might not seem very big, but when sticking to a tight budget, every amount counts.


The city's lower utility costs are ideal for retirees, families, and young professionals, which usually have to stick to a strict budget. 


Transportation in Roanoke, VA 


Another aspect that influences the overall cost of living is transportation. Whether you are looking for a place in the city's heart or a quieter one in the suburbs, commuting from one place to another must be accessible and budget-friendly. 


Regarding transportation, Roanoke, VA, offers multiple choices, including bus services and trains.  The Valley Metro bus system provides public transport to the town and surrounding areas. 


The town is also known for its rail history. It was selected as a rail hub for the Shenandoah Valley and the Norfolk and Western railroads in 1881. Nowadays, the rails gently cross the city, making it easy to go from one place to another


Not only does Roanoke provide many means of transportation, but it is also affordable. The indices of transportation costs are lower than the state’s and country’s average ( 77 compared to 99.4 and 100). Thus you don't have to own a car to move quickly through the city and its surroundings. 

Healthcare in Roanoke, VA


Access to healthcare is one of the most critical concerns when moving to a new city. The city of Roanoke, Virginia, provides convenient access to affordable and high-quality healthcare. The Roanoke Valley is the medical center of western Virginia, serving over a million people. Three significant hospitals are included in the Roanoke Valley healthcare system, a Veterans Administration medical facility and multiple treatment centers. Compared to the national average, healthcare costs in Roanoke, VA, are slightly more prominent, but the difference is reflected in the quality of the services provided. All of these features make the city perfect for retirees, which usually are more interested in their health than other age groups. 

Given all of these aspects, the cost of living in Roanoke, VA, is affordable and makes the city a good choice for its residents. Why not choose a city that offers you a wide range of facilities with a budget-friendly approach? 

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