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Christina M. Hunt real estate agent

There’s been a lot of demand for QR codes for real estate signs as they became a fabulous way to go beyond the advertising nature of the traditional static “for sale” signs and can actually generate leads to real estate agents. With a simple scan, a client can now automatically call the real estate agent, check general information of a listing (thus saving time and money for the busy life of a real estate agent) and many more features.

With that in mind, we decided to help those who routinely ask: How do I get a QR code for myself?

It’s actually easier than you would’ve thought.

There are countless websites out there on the web with QR code makers. All you have to do is search for a “Customizable QR code” and follow the steps, adding the custom information you desire and the functionalities you need.

But is that it? I come here asking “how do I get a QR Code?” and you basically say “just Google it”?

Well, no. It’s just that this part is the easiest; anyone can do that. In fact, chances are you have already done exactly that, and now you want to know what to do with it, are we right?

First off, you need to get the .jpg of your QR code and take it to the designer that’s doing your "for sale" real estate sign. Once the two of you find a way to seamlessly integrate the QR code with the artwork of the sign (don’t just paste it anywhere!), you take it to a printing bureau and produce the signs. But don’t just go and put them on the lawn. Make a big deal about it, score a goal for the digital marketing on the Old-School Marketing vs. Modern Marketing game. QR Codes for real estate are as much of a tool for better CRM (customer relationship management) as it is for marketing. Not only for the house, but for yourself! Make a live video on instagram or facebook about how you’re bringing a brand new thing to your line of work. Explain to your followers how it works and why you’re doing that.  

The truth is that when someone questions “how do I get a QR code?” they are actually asking “why”; and the answer is not just to make lead generation easier, but also to set yourself apart from competition by marketing yourself as a real estate agent that’s out there hustling, always with both eyes open to new technologies that make the whole home buying process (or selling) easier and more enjoyable for everyone. Good luck!


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