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While there are many things that people know about the city of Fort Mill, South Carolina, we'll focus on the main interests. Like many other suburbs, Fort Mill, SC, experienced accelerated growth over the last couple of decades. Because of this, many people are left wondering: What is Fort Mill, South Carolina, known for. Well, we are here to let you know what this 76,000 population Charlotte suburb has to brag about.

Being located only 26 minutes away from Charlotte, North Carolina, this small-town gets to enjoy all the best of both worlds. The high-end amenities from the Charlotte Metropolitan Area and the small-town simplicity and peacefulness. But there’s more to the city of Fort Mill, South Carolina, than being a suburb. Let’s see what exactly makes this city stand out and attract so many newcomers every day. You might be the next one, so if you decide on relocating here, contact real estate agents in Fort Mill SC to see if what follows is really true.

Peach Orchards

While the state of Georgia is nicknamed the “Peach State”, South Carolina is a bigger producer of peaches. Furthermore, the peaches from Black’s Peaches (a farm located in York County) are considered the sweetest on the market. Summer is the season for peaches and in South Carolina, including Fort Mill. You can find them in roadside stands or supermarkets and everywhere else in between, making the city a great place for horseback riding across the orchards, among other great outdoor activities. Only California manages to outrank South Carolina in the quantity of peaches produced by the state. The state’s nickname, proudly carried by any peach producer in South Carolina, is “Tastier Peach State”, a light jab at Georgia’s inaccurate nickname.

Carolina Reaper

With the weather so perfect for growing the tastiest peaches in the country, other things were grown in Fort Mill as well. The term “grown” is an equivalent of “created” in this situation as the Carolina Reaper was created. And yes, it was created by “Smokin” Ed Currie, in the neighboring small town of Rock Hill. Currently, Ed Currie grows the Guinness World Record Carolina Reaper at the PuckerButt Pepper Company located in Fort Mill, South Carolina. The viral pepper flooded the internet with YouTubers, Viners, and all kinds of Influencers after it was invented in 2013 and is still trending. With an average of 1,569,300 Scoville Heat Units, the hottest pepper ever recorded reached 2.2 million SHU and it’s safe to consume for those seeking a wild, hot and thrilling experience.


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