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Located in the North of North Carolina, Greensboro is well known for its history, the way in which it impacted the nation. It has grown a lot over the past 25 years and it’s constantly developing. Combining the small-town feel with big town opportunities, Greensboro is a great place for families. Living to its name, the city of Greensboro, N.C. has plenty of green areas where residents can enjoy boating, hiking or fishing, as well as playing a game of basketball or golf in one of their public parks.

The city of Greensboro, N.C. has a very rich history with the Battle of the Guilford Courthouse and the sit-ins that started the Civil Rights movement. People cherish their history through museums and parks that commemorate historical battles. It offers great educational opportunities for children, not only through the great schools in the area.  If you’re looking for a place that breathes history, get in touch with our realtors in Greensboro N.C. and they’ll provide you with all the information necessary.

The Battle of the Guilford Courthouse

Having been named after the revolutionary hero, Major General Nathaniel Greene who led the rebels in battle at the Guilford Courthouse, the city made that battleground of a historical site. The Battle of the Guilford Courthouse is believed to be the winthat changed the tides for the Revolutionary War. It is admission free and can be visited year-round from 8:30 A.M. to 5 P.M. 


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Within the park, there is a museum that offers history buffs information about the American Revolution, the campaign, the battle and the people involved. Among the exhibits, you might be amazed to see weapons used during the time of the battle, equipment used by the military, even everyday items, and musical instruments. There are even educational classrooms held during field trips that can be organized with schools from the surrounding area.

The Greensboro Four

It started with four people and ended 5 months later with 70,000 people joining the movement across the country. Four men wanted to be served coffee at the lunch counter of the F.W. Woolworth Company and they wound up becoming the pillars of the movement that changed America’s history. 

In a matter of days, the Sit-Ins grew in numbers of participants and in a month’s time, it caught the attention of President Eisenhower as neighboring communities joined in and the change was implemented across the nation through the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

By housing the historical location, the building was saved from destruction through a petition and the F.W. Woolworth Company now serves as the International Civil Rights Center and Museum. It displays memorabilia from those times and the impact segregation had on the community as well as Ku Klux Klan robes next to the reforms that gave the right to vote regardless of race, in the museum.

You can not go to Greensboro NC and stay away from the history that shaped our country. It is the history that created our nation and here you have two great examples. Greensboro, N.C. is an education venue that doesn’t only tell a story, it tells you their story and yours at the same time because it is the place where history did happen.


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