Is Upper Marlboro MD A Good Place To Live?

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The state of Maryland is rich in providing its residents with a variety in terms of climate, surroundings, and environment. Having both large cities with an urban feel to them as well as smaller town areas with a rural environment is very common in the state of Maryland. The town of Upper Marlboro is the kind of place you would want to go, in order to escape from the noise and crowded cities in the metropolitan area.

Once a port town, the area is just 0.4 square miles holding a population of about 700 people. The rural life in Upper Marlboro MD contributes to the “small town” atmosphere that characterized life in the area. The city's downtown area along Main Street is home to various local businesses and Prince George’s County Public School as well as the Board of Education is within walking distance of downtown.

Upper Marlboro MD gives you the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors more often, and if you pair it with the same great attractions and some of the best places to eat you will love this place for what it has to offer. Also, the town of Upper Marlboro MD is just 16 miles away from Washington DC and 34 miles from Baltimore which is perfect for commuting or for a weekend getaway.

The local economy is also impacted by the fact that the town of Upper Marlboro MD is located in close proximity to some of these major cities. The area is praised for its natural areas which most find really appealing and with prosperous small local businesses residents enjoy the kind of lifestyle the city provides. Also, good housing prices and real estate might land you just a couple of miles away from the most well-known and sought after DC area. Have one of our best realtors in Upper Marlboro MD help you settle in and find a new home for you.


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