Is Waynesboro VA A Good Place To Live?

Definition of "Is Waynesboro VA a good place to live?"

Meet Waynesboro, your new dream destination in picturesque Virginia! Living in the charming community (counting 22,600 residents in 2022) nestled in the footsteps of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains features countless advantages. And we’re here to disclose all there is to know about Waynesboro VA

Waynesboro offers spectacle and adventures in nature.

You’ll find the independent city of Waynesboro in the spectacular Shenandoah Valley in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Based on the surroundings mentioned above, you can draw a picture of all the dazzling open-air activities in the region. On top of our minds, we recommend visiting the Wildlife Center of Virginia and the Blue Ridge Parkway.

The city makes for an ideal family relocation destination.

The city boasts an idyllic suburban feel, making it excellent for families. Thus, they can benefit more from Waynesboro’s larger free spaces rather than dwelling in a densely-packed metropolis’ claustrophobic atmosphere. 

Learn about affordable housing options in the city!

For your smooth relocation, you’ll need a foolproof accommodation plan first. Did you know that the housing market in Waynesboro, VA, features extraordinarily affordable real estate prices? As of June 2022, the median home sale price in the region was $242,000, implying a genuinely irresistible invitation for you to buy property here. Consequently, the city makes a serious run being included on the list with the US cities featuring the cheapest homes on the market.

If such promising housing prospects intrigue you, the best course of action would be to contact professional real estate agents in Waynesboro Virginia! They can inform you about the most recent housing and rental market listings and help you pick the most suitable one!

The cost of living in Waynesboro, Virginia, is more than acceptable.

As of late 2021, the cost of living in Waynesboro was reported to be more reasonable than the national average by about 13.4 percent. In addition, prices here are lower than in most Virginia counties. 

The list of the more cost-effective goods and services is impressive: utilities, groceries, housing costs, transportation, and miscellaneous items cost less in Waynesboro than in the rest of the country. However, health care expenses can get higher than the US average.

The local economy is booming. 

Right off the bat, Waynesboro dealt successfully with its unemployment rate, pushing it down to 5.5 percent instead of the US average of six percent. The job market experienced an increase of about 2.1 percent in 2021. 

However, prospects in this regard are even brighter. In the next decade, locals and newcomers will enjoy even more possibilities than the rest of the country to find a well-paying job in the Waynesboro job market.

Besides, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary in Waynesboro is approximately $58,000. Thus, it beats the US average of $53,000 in 2022!

Waynesboro provides children with a reliable education.

Typically, local parents have formed a reasonable opinion about schools in Waynesboro, rating them C+ or even better. The city features highly trustworthy if not nationally acclaimed public schools. 

We recommend Wilson Middle School (number 179 in Virginia), Wilson Memorial High School (nr. 149), Fishburne Military School, and Cassell Elementary School. Additionally, the Waynesboro Public Schools caters to children with special needs.


Waynesboro, Virginia, becomes the perfect moving destination from virtually every aspect you look at. The city encapsulates the traditional atmosphere of charming small-town Americana with cosmopolitan vibes. Firstly, the housing market features low-priced houses and rentals on a budget. Secondly, the local community sticks together and welcomes new members with open arms and a big smile. Waynesboro offers the ideal setting for raising a family. 

Besides, the local economy is more than competitive regarding low unemployment rates, a promising job market, and well-paying positions. The city qualifies as one of the safest American cities, with crime rates lower than the national yet higher than the Virginia average. Lastly, the education system in Waynesboro showcases dedicated public and private schools for the next generation.n.

Waynesboro has undoubtedly won us over!

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