What Is The Cost Of Living In Austin Texas?

Definition of "What is the cost of living in Austin Texas?"

Do you feel a peculiar fascination with Lone Star State? And now you’d like to explore your chances to live in one of the best places in Texas? What other city can be more suitable for you and your family than Austin?

Thriving in Austin comes at a price.

Living in the capital of Texas undoubtedly has countless perks. In this dynamically-growing metropolis, you can enjoy exceptional financial benefits, such as salaries higher than the national average or even starting a small business. However, you must also know that this prosperity might require you to endure some financial adversities first.

Austin’s real estate market is not for the faint of heart.

The most experienced local real estate agents in Austin TX, reported that the housing market is competitive. This implies that fewer houses are available on the market while potential homebuyers demand more. Moreover, you may have to compete with other buyers to purchase a home in Austin. As a result, the median home sale price has increased lately, reaching $630,000 as of June 2022.

Of course, there’s a fantastic solution for every pickle! By contacting our expert local realtors, you can access the most recent and affordable properties listed. They guarantee they will set you up with a home tailored to your budget in a safe neighborhood. Based on real estate market predictions for 2022, they would advise you to buy a home in Austin as soon as possible.

Prepare for the high cost of living in Austin, Texas!  

The cost of living in Austin is approximately twenty percent higher than the US average as of 2022. In addition, it’s about sixteen percent higher than the Texas median value. Let’s see what these numbers come down to!

Based on estimations, a family of four in Austin will pay around $3,450, covering their monthly costs excluding rent. An individual will have about $960 monthly expenses without rent. The good news is that utilities, groceries, and health care costs are slightly cheaper than the Us average. However, transportation expenses are pricier than the national median value. Suppose you compare the cost of living in Austin to New York’s. In that case, you’ll discover that the capital of Texas is by thirty-one percent less expensive than the Big Apple. 

Rents in Austin

You might want to rent an apartment or house in Austin instead of buying real estate. Then, know that Austin rental prices are about twenty-one percent pricier than the Texas average. Yet, they are more affordable than New York rentals by about forty percent.

Let’s see rent prices based on Numbeo statistics! An apartment with one bedroom in downtown Austin costs between $1,600 and $3,000 with an average of $2,160. On average, a three-bedroom unit in Austin’s city center will cost you $4,200. 

On the other hand, if you’re more likely to rent a place with one bedroom outside the city center, you can find one available for around $1,500. Additionally, you have to pay a rent of $2,500 for a three-bedroom apartment or house in the suburbs. Nevertheless, rents in Sun Belt cities are considered less expensive than their major American counterparts.

Austin’s rising prices in the larger context

It shouldn’t surprise you that the general expenses in Austin, the state capital, are pretty high. We’re looking at a sprawling economy with new business ventures and people relocating here almost daily. 

We should investigate the cost of living in Austin under the following circumstances! The nation is exposed to a new wave of inflation while recovering from the economic downturn posed by the COVID pandemic. 

Still, there’s a reason behind so many Americans choosing Austin as a moving destination: it is Austin’s higher affordability than other major American cities. The problem occurs when prices rise to the level of those places people originally moved away from. And Austin is almost there.


Don’t let high prices in Austin overwhelm you! The increasing cost of living is only a part of the more outstanding picture. Suppose you move to Austin with a well-defined purpose and job opportunity. The chances are that your work will offer you a more than decent income to support your family and lifestyle. Because high wages motivate people in the first place to relocate here. 

Did you know that an average Austin citizen took home a median annual income of $32,700 last year? Besides, the median household income of a resident in Austin was $55,000. Regarding these data, Austin surpasses the national average income by far! So don’t stand contemplating and give Austin a try! You won’t regret it! 

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