How Is The Weather In KATHLEEN, GA?

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Published: Dec 06, 2022

Are you wondering how the weather is in Kathleen, Georgia? Many essential characteristics, such as average temperature and humidity, yearly rainfall and snowfall, and windspeed, may influence your climate preferences.


Touring this beautiful city at this time of year is always fun. Kathleen, Georgia, offers a unique and rich experience throughout the year thanks to its moderate climate. Our springs are awash with dogwoods and azaleas, our autumns are crisp and sunny, and our winters are mild. Georgia has average yearly precipitation, changing snowfall from light in the mountains to none in different areas.

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Most of Georgia has a sub-heat and humidity, with warm and sticky summers, besides the most significant rises. This is especially true in the northern mountainous regions of the state. The altitude and proximity of various Georgian communities to the Atlantic or Gulf of Mexico influence the weather.


Despite its small size and unmatched natural beauty, Georgia's climate is diverse. Georgia's Eastern and Western regions are roughly separated by two major climate zones. Georgia's climate is moderated by the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range, which acts as a barrier against the infiltration of cold air masses from the north. Additionally, the Lesser Caucasus Mountains protect the south's dry and hot air masses. Georgia's moderate environment makes it an ideal work environment and life, and it ends up being a heavenly showing aim for devotees of nature and history buffs.

Spring in Kathleen, GA

Kathleen, Georgia, is beautiful in spring when trees and flowers bloom, providing delightful pops of color to the mountains and coast. The mild and sunny spring weather is ideal for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and exploring the state's many botanical gardens, with an average temperature of 80 degrees. Trips and holidays during spring break are excellent times to see new places and attend events throughout the state.

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Summer in Kathleen, Georgia

Summer in this beautiful city provides the warmest and most humid temperatures of the year, making it ideal for cooling down in lakes, rivers, and the ocean and visiting some attractions. Summer days involve afternoon rain showers, with an average low of 80 degrees and a high of 95 degrees. Summer is also the season for peaches and watermelons, so try fresh from the farm when you visit.

Fall in Kathleen, GA

The gorgeous weather is one of the many things that distinguish fall from other seasons. The crisp, cool fall temperatures range from 55 to 75 degrees on average. This makes them ideal for hiking, camping, sports, and scenic drives. The ultimate autumn getaway includes a trip to an apple orchard, a beer at Oktoberfest, and a cozy cabin getaway.

Winter in Kathleen, Georgia

With average temperatures ranging from 50 to 60 degrees, winter weather is unlikely to keep you inside for long. Winter is an excellent time to visit this beautiful city for many reasons. Including shopping, romantic getaways, holiday light displays, and more.


The beginning of May to the middle of June and from the end of August to the middle of October are the best times to visit for tourist activities. You won't want to stay inside because there are so many things to do outside during the pleasant weather.


Are you considering moving to the beautiful city of Kathleen, Georgia, but still have doubts about the weather, the things you can do around here, or the real estate market? Don’t hesitate to contact me; I will help you with all the information you need. Finding the perfect house is difficult, but I will help you ease the process and find the ideal home. Kathleen, Georgia can be your next big adventure.


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