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Considering a housing change? If you’re looking for a home in Charlotte, North Carolina’s suburban area, look no further than Belmont, North Carolina. If you wind up talking to real estate agents in Belmont NC, you’ll find out many interesting things about this small town. They can help you in finding your peaceful little corner in this town that will give you access to a quiet life while still close enough to Charlotte that you can enjoy the busy big city life at the same time. Realtors in Belmont NC are aware that their small town is attracting young families of young professionals, which is why they promote all the area’s outdoor activities. Hikers, bikers, fishers, and joggers alike get excited at the prospect of living in such a geographically rich area. Located at the border with South Carolina, the town of Belmont, North Carolina, is only a 20-minute drive away from downtown Charlotte, so commuting isn’t much of a burden for the residents. With approximately 13,000 residents, the small-town real estate agents in Belmont NC are confident in promoting their city as it is considered more appealing than the rest of the state from the perspective of the quality of life. We’ll get into more information further below, but the housing market is at the same level as its much larger neighboring city, Charlotte. This makes it quite an attractive option for those that are looking for a family-friendly atmosphere, especially for the most active of families. If you enjoy nature, there’s little chance that you’ll get bored in this town according to realtors in Belmont NC. Up next you’ll find some of the best real estate agents in Belmont NC. Don’t hesitate to contact them in case you have any questions. Some of these curiosities will be addressed further below, but if you already made up your mind, you’ll find top realtors in Belmont NC, and their contact information here.
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Located approximately in the center of the state of North Carolina, Belmont is close to the border with South Carolina, but the city of Charlotte makes it a very sought-after destination according to real estate agents in Belmont NC. Read on to figure out whether this quaint little suburb of Charlotte is a good fit for you and your family. 

Housing Market in Belmont, North Carolina

Similar to other suburbs located close to major metropolitan areas, the housing market of Belmont, North Carolina, experienced an increase in prices throughout 2021, but so did most of the state, including Charlotte. Many people are relocating outside of the major metropolitan areas where they work in search of liberty and space. Realtors in Belmont NC can fill you in on what is the difference between living in their city and living in Charlotte, but the traffic and noise are two of the factors that make Belmont stand out. 


As of the start of 2022, the city’s housing market reached median prices of $339,000, slightly more affordable than Charlotte’s median of $343,000. But it isn’t this modest price difference that led to the city’s population growth over the past few decades. The quality of life did that. As the best place to live for young professionals in Gaston County and the best place in the county to raise a family, Belmont attracts a young population resulting in a city median age of 35 years old. 

Between November of 2020 and November of 2021, the city’s median home value grew from $276,000 to over $339,000. This results in a 24% appreciation rate that exceeded the previous growth trends of Belmont, North Carolina. Around 38% of the housing market is valued between $146,000 and 292,000 with around 24% assessed between $292,000 and $438,000. The considerable bulk of the housing inventory is below the city’s median home value that is as high because of the number of houses exceeding $438,000. Still, with top real estate agents in Belmont NC, you’ll be able to find the ideal home for you and your family in no time.

Job Market in Belmont, North Carolina

While the city’s median household income is at $72,000, there has been considerable income growth happening in the city of Belmont, North Carolina, over the last few years. According to realtors in Belmont NC, in 2015, the median household income settled around $48,000, but since 2018, it reached $70,000 and has been on a steady 1.6% growth since then. The relatively diversified industry provides many job opportunities in the area for those living in Belmont, North Carolina. 


The most common jobs in the city of Belmont, North Carolina are in management positions, while the highest-paying jobs are legal professions with median earnings of $71,000. Still, while the industry that employs the most residents is manufacturing, the highest paying industry, with little to no surprise, is the utilities industry with median earnings of $69,000.

Living in Belmont, North Carolina

Figuring out whether this city is fitting for your lifestyle, just contact real estate agents in Belmont NC. They’ll be ready to respond to any of your questions to your satisfaction. It’s easy for realtors in Belmont NC to talk about their city because they love living there. The people are sweet and welcoming, but they are relatively passionate about football so be aware of that when you sign your son up to join Pee Wee Football at school because the support those teams get is quite motivational. 


If you decide to relocate to this city, real estate agents in Belmont NC will surely underline that, while you’ll need your car to commute to and from work, once you’re in the city, your car can rest in your driveway or garage. The town offers easy access to anything you can need without the need to drive every half a mile. You can go for a light walk or a bike ride and be done with groceries in no time. Keep this in mind when realtors in Belmont NC suggest walking to houses located close to each other.