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Imagine your wildest fantasies come true by moving to a breathtakingly lovely little city. Picture a unique small-town destination for you and your family in Gwinnett County, Georgia! Of course, we’re talking about Buford, GA! Our town is also part of the bigger cosmopolitan picture, namely the Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Marietta Metropolitan Statistical Area. Affordable housing and a thriving economy make the city a trendy moving destination. Suppose you seek out experienced local real estate agents in Buford GA, for their advice. In that case, they’ll confirm that its outstanding geographical location and scenery are merely some of the many perks people choose to move here. A particular group of highly trained local realtors in Buford GA, is eager to answer all your questions regarding this magnificent place. Do you have inquiries about the cost-effective homes in Buford? Would you like to learn more details about the local economy? Which are the must-see places in the town? Contact top-rated local real estate agents in Buford Georgia, as of today! But beware! Once these experienced housing agents address your questions, you’ll feel compelled to move to the city immediately. From top-rated local real estate agents in Buford GA, you’ll find out that the city features countless properties for sale on a budget. Realtors in Buford GA get new listings in the region first. For this reason, they can provide you with a list of cheap houses, condos, town-, single- and multi-family homes based on your housing needs. Moreover, purchasing mobile homes, land, and lots won’t pose a challenge for local real estate agents in Buford GA, either. Buying a home in Buford has never been more effortless! The best realtors in Buford GA will convince you instantaneously that purchasing a property in the city might be your best investment opportunity yet!
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Plan on staying for a brief period, then rentals in Buford should be your best bet. (Anyway, the place will persuade you otherwise.) Suppose you’re single or with a family. Then, Buford’s top-rated local real estate agents will set you up with a great rental unit tailored to your monthly budget. State your needs, and realtors in Buford GA will deliver. Commercial property leasing in Buford? Check! Affordable houses and apartments for rent in Buford? Check! There are countless rental units to lease in Buford available in every neighborhood, with various price ranges, shapes, sizes, beds, baths, or even colors. Are you thinking of renting a pet-friendly unit in Buford? Or do you prefer your rental equipped with amazing amenities? Contact the best realtors in Buford GA, and they can showcase rentals with pools, waterfronts, and on-site parking! 

Did you know that the housing market in Buford is highly competitive? It means that selling your home in Buford can grant you more than decent revenue. Why would you leave selling your property in Buford to chance? Establish a personal meeting with reliable local real estate agents in Buford GA to get an estimate on your home’s worth. Your home sale will be fast and efficiently handled once you work with trustworthy realtors in Buford GA. By all means, they will have your best interest in mind. Consequently, agents will work around the clock to solve house inspections, open houses, and real estate finances connected to selling a home in Buford professionally. Sell your home today hassle-free and gain a massive return on your initial investment!

The real estate market in Buford, Georgia, has never been brighter!

The housing market in Buford offers plenty of wiggle room and remarkable investment opportunities for homebuyers and sellers. Let’s jump into the details, shall we? As of February 2022, Buford’s median home sale price was approximately $410,000. Interest in buying a home boomed, and property sale prices have increased by about 23 percent since the last year. Besides, real estate is selling faster than in 2021. Generally, homes stay on the market for 15 days instead of 24 days the previous year. The Buford real estate market has been steadily growing with minor ups and downs. Home sale prices peaked in December 2021 at about $440,000. So, the beginning of 2022 marks an excellent time for house-hunters to buy property before another advance in price. On the other hand, home sellers can profit from their assets receiving multiple offers and being sold faster. In addition, professional local real estate agents in Buford GA reported that homes sell from two to seven percent above the list price. 

Undoubtedly, properties to purchase are in demand in Buford, and the market is genuinely competitive. Real estate in our beloved city sells by seven percent higher than the Georgia average. Meanwhile, rental prices are seven percent more accessible than the state average. If purchasing or selling real estate in the region intrigues you, call expert local real estate agents in Buford GA, today!

Explore the local economy in Buford, Georgia!

If you have any doubts about a small town’s economic potential, we’re here to ease your anxiety. Buford’s thriving economy is in good hands, and numbers prove this. As of late 2021, the unemployment rate in Buford was about 3.6 percent, impressively lower than the national average of six percent. Additionally, the town experienced extraordinary job growth of three percent in 2021. If you plan on searching for a job in the region, we have excellent news for you! Specialists predict an approximately 47 percent increase in available career opportunities in the next decade, higher than the national average. 

Considering its economic potential, skilled realtors in Buford GA can wholeheartedly recommend job-hunters to move to their city. Statistics published by World Population Review revealed that the average local household income was about $79,000 in 2021. Meanwhile, the poverty rate in Buford was 11.3 percent, almost equal to the US median number. The cost of living in Buford is slightly higher than the US average by about one percent. The following industries employ most of the local population: retail trade, manufacturing (primarily represented by Makita with power tools), educational, accommodation, food services, etc. According to Zippia, the leading employers in Buford are as follows: ElringKlinger, Theragenics, Lund International, Truss Tech Industries, and Lanier Islands.

Let’s get familiar with Buford!

You can find Buford in Gwinnett County (and partially in Hall County) on the southern tip of Lake Lanier. In addition, there are plenty of major adjacent American cities, such as Atlanta, only 34 miles away from Buford, Athens, GA (46 miles), Jackson, GA (84 miles), etc. Therefore, you can even choose to effortlessly commute to these cities from the town. Buford’s entire area is 18.22 square miles. In 2022, the population was around 16,000 residents.

Buford features countless must-see places. First and foremost, it hosts the spectacular Lake Lanier and the Buford Dam, providing everyone with the ultimate recreational experience. Explore the area on mesmerizing hiking trails! Or you can choose to stay near water and fish, rent a Jet Ski, waterboard, etc. The sky is the limit! Secondly, you don’t want to miss the Bogan Park with this outstanding indoor aquatic center with pools! After so many adrenaline-fueled adventures, you must be hungry. Realtors in Buford GA advise you to taste the delicious local specialties (and not exclusively) at The Baking Grounds, Tannery Row Ale House, and Tin Lizzy’s Cantina. Thirdly, the Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center and the Mall of Georgia promise great activities for the entire family. 

Is Buford, Georgia, a good place to live?

What do locals have to say about Buford? For starters, we must highlight that there’s a scarcity of homes available on the market. However, they try to compensate for this shortage with many new constructions. Buford has obtained an 80-percent livability score on AreaVibes, which is exceptional. Residents praise the first-class educational (best-rated school district in Georgia!) and entertainment facilities. Did you know that crime rates in Buford are below the Georgia average? Another drawing aspect for newcomers is the low taxes. Traffic congestions are among Buford’s few disadvantages, especially in the mall area and during the rush hour with all the commuters heading to Atlanta. 

Overall, there’s soothing calmness about the place, where you can feel genuinely disconnected from the urban stress and treadwheel-monotony. Best local real estate agents in Buford GA will most definitely recommend the charming town to families, job-seekers searching for new career opportunities, and real estate investors.

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