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When moving to a new city, there are a lot of things that come into play during the decision making process. Some home buyers seek out cities with a healthy real estate market, others try to find a place that is safe and secure. If you’re on this page, there’s a good chance you’re thinking of making the city of Campbell your home. So, what do real estate agents in Campbell CA have to say about their city? Let’s find out! The first thing that real estate agents in Campbell CA are likely to mention about their city is the excellent weather. With gentle sunshine and low humidity year-round, Campbell is one of the finest places you could hope to call home in the entire state. There’s no doubt about the fact that, if you decide to make this city your home you won’t be disappointed! Another thing that realtors in Campbell CA like to harp on is the city’s close proximity to the thriving Silicon Valley job market, with its absurdly high average salaries. While simply living in the area doesn’t guarantee a position in the tech industry, those with the expertise to capitalize off of this environment will find no better place to do that than right here. Real estate agents in Campbell CA also love to discuss the wide variety of attractions that the city and surrounding area is home to. With a long list of things to see and do, there’s no doubt that those searching for a somewhat more lively life-work balance will find it in the beautiful and bustling city of Campbell CA. If you’re seeking to buy property in this city, you’ve come to the right place. On this page you’ll find an indexed list of the best real estate agents in Campbell CA, complete with contact information and a short bio. Get in touch with one of these excellent professional realtors in Campbell CA and you’ll quickly see how easy it truly is to find a place to live out here!
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Now, the more critical individuals among you will likely want a bit more information. If you’re going to move your entire life to a new place potentially halfway across the country, you're going to need something a bit more solid to go off of. Luckily we’ve gotten in touch with real estate agents in Campbell CA to get their say in the matter of moving to this city. Let’s see what they have to say! 

Real estate market in Campbell California

In a discussion surrounding the decision to move to a new locale, there are few factors that are as important as the real estate market. With real estate values fluctuating more erratically than they have in years, it’s imperative that you be aware of the state of the real estate market in which you plan to purchase property. So, what do realtors in Campbell CA have to say about local real estate? A lot, as it turns out! 

The first thing that you should know about the real estate market in Campbell CA is that it is expensive. We, the local realtors in Campbell CA, don’t mean above-average or somewhat pricey; we’re talking full-on, only-for-the-one-percent expensive. With an average home price of $1.8 million, most home buyers will instantly be locked out of this market right from the get-go. 

This isn’t to say that there’s nothing of worth to be found in the Campbell CA real estate market. If you’ve got the capital to invest in this market, you’ll find that the high appreciation rates in this city offer great potential investment. At 21.4%, the real estate appreciation rate is likely to prove quite attractive to those with the means to turn a profit. The local real estate agents in Campbell CA aren’t lying when they say there’s a lot of potential here! 

Despite the exorbitantly high real estate prices, homes in this city are bought and sold with a reasonable degree of frequency, likely due to the high-average income in the area and artificially inflated property values. Top-ranked real estate agents in Campbell CA have their hands full moving these preposterous volumes of property! 

Crime rates in Campbell California

Another factor that most home buyers keep in mind when moving to a new location is crime. Public safety can make or break the appeal of a town such as this, where high property values would lead you to expect that crime is a non-issue. So, what do real estate agents in Campbell CA have to say about public safety? 

Leading with the positives, local real estate agents in Campbell CA are quick to point out the fact that violent crime rates in this city are substantially lower than the national median. At just 2.5 incidents per 1,000 residents per year, your chances of becoming a victim of violent crime are substantially lower than they are in other cities. 

Things aren’t all sunshine and roses in Campbell CA, however. When it comes to property crime rates, real estate agents in Campbell CA can’t paint a particularly favorable picture. With a property crime rate of 31.1 incidents per 1,000 residents, the property crime rate in this city is something that doesn’t make it seem like a particularly nice place. 

Before we create too negative a perception of this city in your head, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the fact that there are plenty of ways to reduce your risk of falling victim to property crime. From installing a security system on your home to carrying irritant spray on your person at all times, real estate agents in Campbell CA are hasty to make sure you know that there are plenty of ways to stay safe in the city. 

Ready to move to Campbell California? 

With all this said and done, there’s no question about the fact that Campbell is not a city for everyone. With its high property values and prolific property crime rates, this city is not a place that you should move to without some due thought. However, its many positive aspects are more than enough reason to make the city your home if it appeals to you. The choice is yours!

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