Cease And Desist Petition

Definition of "Cease and desist petition"

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Statement filed by a homeowner showing a premises address and notifying a states Secretary of State that such premises are not for sale and the homeowner does not wish to be solicited by real estate brokers. This puts real estate brokers on notice that such premises has no implied invitation to be solicited.


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Comments for Cease And Desist Petition

Tim Scovill Tim Scovill said:

Trying to stop the state highway dept from diverting stormwater on private property

Sep 08, 2018  21:00:06

Real Estate Agent

Hey Tim,
thanks for reaching out!

Contact a real estate lawyer so you'll be able to do that. We understand it's the same principle of the cease and desist petition but we're not sure if there are specific legal requirements and paths to do that that diverge from the cease and desist petition. Not to mention how the laws will be different from state to state... A real estate lawyer will know how to help you. Good luck!

Sep 10, 2018  16:35:16

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