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You’re looking around for top-ranked real estate agents in Clayton NC, and you came across this page. That’s a significant step one. Now onto the next. Whether you’re thinking of selling a home in this town, or maybe you were charmed into moving here, real estate agents in Clayton NC can be your best of pals through the following real estate transactions. It doesn’t matter what led you to make this decision; the best local realtors in Clayton NC can offer help, advice, and expertise to make sure your experience goes as smoothly as possible. We all know that moving can be rather stressful for a family, and that’s why we promote some highly experienced real estate agents in Clayton NC. The market is somewhat competitive in Clayton, so it’s best to have someone on your side who knows how to navigate the real estate world. A city that’s considered a satellite town of Raleigh, the state’s capital, located only 23 minutes away from it, making its location something that many people crave for. Being so close to the state’s capital while enjoying the quieter streets and small-town charm is a dream come true for many residents who chose Clayton, North Carolina, as their hometown. Ask any realtors in Clayton NC, and they’ll be prone to reply that the town’s location was the reason they chose to move there. It’s ideal for young families with small children as the schools are highly rated, the cost of living and housing prices are affordable, and, if that’s not enough, Raleigh is literally just around the corner. Real estate agents in Clayton NC say that there is no category that their town doesn’t satisfy. Just ask them directly, and you’ll get similar, yet probably more passionate, responses. You’ll find the top-ranked realtors in Clayton NC below, along with their contact information just waiting for your call.
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As one of the best places to live in North Carolina and in the whole country, Clayton is a small town with its specific charm that ticks all the boxes. All local real estate agents in Clayton NC are proud to not only call themselves residents of this mesmerizing small town but to be part of the team that promotes it to potential new residents.

Housing Market in Clayton, North Carolina

Despite the increasing population over the last decade, Clayton managed to maintain that lovely small-town charm, and they also keep the safety ratings high. It might be unbelievable, but walking those streets with tall trees planted in front of every home instills a sense of safety in the residents. They know that streets are safe, and they make sure to perpetuate that feeling and maintain the safety and security of their community a priority.

Getting into more relevant information about the housing market in Clayton, North Carolina now, so get ready for some numbers. We already said that housing is relatively affordable, but you’ll probably find it hard to believe that in a town like the one we just described above, the median house value in Clayton, NC is $256,000. However, it is important to know that 35% of homes sell above the listing price because the demand is high, and only 3% experience a price drop. The cost of living is 4% less expensive than the US average which means that a long-term investment here will most likely return a profit for any homeowner or real estate investor. Even more useful information that we can send your way, around 47% of all housing available, say realtors in Clayton NC, is valued around the city’s median home value. Just get in touch with real estate agents in Clayton NC, for more information about the city’s real estate market.

Job Market in Clayton, North Carolina

This small-town’s median household income is around $62,000, with one-year growth of around 5%. It’s important to note that while there are job opportunities in Clayton, North Carolina, they do not reach the Raleigh metropolitan statistical area’s earning potential, which surpasses a median household income of $75,000. The location makes those incomes attainable even for Clayton’s residents, with the short drive to and from Raleigh, NC. That’s just one of the things that make this small-town so great.

Now, getting back to what the job market in Clayton, North Carolina has to offer. First of all, those with a background in architecture and other engineering occupations will be able to reach a median income of $99,000 as the highest paying jobs in this town, according to realtors in Clayton NC. However, the highest paying industry is the Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services, with median earnings reaching $72,000. The industry with the biggest number of employees is the Retail Trade that comes with the vast number of amenities available in Clayton, North Carolina. 

According to real estate agents in Clayton NC, the town’s law enforcement is highly specialized and trained, contributing to the area’s safety rating. Once you give them a call, the local realtors in Clayton NC will provide even more information regarding the pros and cons of commuting to Raleigh or working in their town.

Living in Clayton, North Carolina

Figuring out whether or not the small-town of Clayton, North Carolina, is the best fit for your family is something only you can decide based on the research you have done. We can tell you that this town welcomes new residents with open arms, and visitors tend to come back time and again. Real estate agents in Clayton NC pride themselves on their town’s ability to charm its way into people’s hearts, and that can be seen around every corner. 

This tight-knit community allows everyone to thrive and start a family. The population’s median age is 34, allowing young families to integrate into their community and neighborhood with ease. A large number of the population are underage, providing for an excellent chance for small children to make friends in the playground close to your home or have friends over for playdates. Families throwing barbeque parties and inviting their neighbors is a common occurrence here because everyone knows everybody. Realtors in Clayton NC might just be among your guests once you settle in, so why not give them a call now.

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